10 Best Motorcycle Glasses for Night Riding in 2022

10 Best Motorcycle Glasses for Night Riding in 2022

Riding during the day is easier because you can see obstacles more easily due to the availability of light. When it’s dark, though, it’s critical to pay attention to your eyes, as well as other safety considerations. Riding a motorcycle at night, on the other hand, necessitates a higher level of concentration and mental alertness.

At night, the mind has to work harder to focus on the road, determining if that speck of light far ahead on the dark road is a scooter approaching you or a lorry with one broken headlight. Under low light, the mind is constantly attempting to understand objects as the eyes struggle to focus between them.

When done for a long time, this activity can strain the eyes and exhaust the mind. Fatigue may set in before long, and if it isn’t addressed properly, it can be dangerous. Best motorcycle glasses for night riding frequently have elements that lessen the strain on the eyes.

The glasses are made to assist riders focus for longer periods of time at night and to reduce nighttime riding risks. I’ve compiled a list of the best motorcycle glasses for night riding, which make it simple to focus while riding at night.

Best Motorcycle Glasses For Night Riding

 1. Philips Extreme Riding Glasses

These are excellent pairs of riding glasses that provide adequate eye protection. They’re not only polarised but also photochromic, which means they’ll turn black when it’s bright outside and transparent when it’s dark. Furthermore, polarised lenses would minimize any nighttime glare from oncoming traffic.

The greenish-yellow color is also great for diminishing highlights and transitioning from dawn to day and day to dusk. Because of their lightweight design and pre-curved shape, the glasses fit nicely and are very pleasant. During the day, they also provide protection from harmful UV rays.

In addition, the frame and lens have an anti-reflective and anti-scratch coating to avoid scratches, which can obstruct a rider’s vision at night. Except for the wind protection padding around the lenses to shield a rider’s eyes from dust and wind, this features everything a rider needs in motorcycle night riding glasses.

2. Bertoni Photochromic Motorcycle Goggles

With its extreme sports goggles that are almost tailor-made for motorcycling, Bertoni has nailed it. The goggles’ wrap-around design and a strap to secure them provide a comfortable and secure fit. Furthermore, there is no plastic frame above the ears, so they fit properly within the motorcycle helmet and do not move. The lenses are CE-certified as impact-resistant.

The lenses are also anti-distortion and photochromic, which means the curved shape does not distort the image. The lenses react consistently to light and UV radiation, quickly transitioning from CAT.0 (totally transparent) to CAT.3 (opaque) (dark grey).

This would shield the eyes from bright headlights and streetlights at night. In addition to providing great wind protection, the glasses are also anti-fog. The main disadvantage of this pair is that the lenses are not polarised, which means that glares may be an issue at times.

3. WYND Blocker Motorcycle Sunglasses

WYND Blocker sunglasses do an outstanding job of protecting the rider’s eyes from wind and dust, as the name implies. Because of their lightweight and simplistic design, the glasses are pleasant to wear inside the helmet, with an impact-resistant coating and a plastic frame.

They also have the added benefit of being able to be transformed into goggles thanks to the inclusion of a backstrap. UV400 anti-scratch lens protection also ensures that 100% of UV rays are blocked from reaching the eyes.

The wind protection and yellow tint help to obscure existing light, making this ideal for night riding. However, because the lenses aren’t polarised, glare may be an issue for some riders. It would also be a less desirable pair of sunglasses if it didn’t have a photochromic vision. Nonetheless, for a low-cost pair of sunglasses, these are a fine choice.


4. Outlaw Fugitive Motorcycle Glasses

These are some of the greatest night riding glasses that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys riding at night. Everything about the spectacles screams high-end and long-lasting. Defense forces wear fugitive glasses because of their strong, light aluminum frame and shatterproof lenses.

The glasses meet the requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2015 for impact protection. These are ideal for night riding, first and foremost because of their sturdy construction, and secondly because of their rider-friendly features.

Many skydiving experts wear fugitive glasses because they give a secure fit and help with wind protection. They also have numerous tint options and a day/night transition lens if you want to ride from twilight to dawn. The lenses are polarised to eliminate light glare, which is an excellent feature for avoiding distractions while riding at night.

Because they are designed for difficult settings, the glasses are anti-fog, anti-scratch, and anti-reflective. The glasses come with a soft cleaning cloth/bag and a protective case, and the entire frame is customizable for the optimum fit. The Outlaw Fugitive glasses are the best motorcycle glasses for night riding since they check all the boxes.

5. Bikershades Motorcycle Bifocal glass

Bikershades’ yellow-tinted sunglasses are a good value for money if you’re seeking inexpensive sunglasses for nighttime riding. The tint helps to distribute light more evenly and prevents the halo effect caused by strong lighting.

Furthermore, the lenses have an ANSI Z87 safety grade, indicating that they would protect the eyes from dirt and insects at high speeds, which might provide a rider with peace of mind.

The glasses also have padded foam protection around the lens, which helps to keep high-speed winds and debris at bay. Rubber cushioning between the ears and nose, as well as a snug fit, suggests a good level of comfort for lengthy rides. Anti-glare coating is also included, but it may not be as effective as polarised lenses.

6. Choppers Night Riding Motorcycle Glasses

The most basic set of night riding glasses available is this one. They’re light, thanks to the plastic frame, and should fit well inside a helmet. For wind and dust protection, the glasses contain foam padding around the lens.

The foam creates a pleasant, snug fit, but if the temperature outdoors is hot, it may trap moisture. Fortunately, because the temperature is cooler at night, this is acceptable.

The glasses include a red and yellow tint that helps the eyes focus better by reducing highlights from bright lights. However, the lenses are not polarised, which is a disadvantage. Reflections and glares can make it difficult for a rider to concentrate at night. These glasses are less functional due to the lack of photochromic elements.

7. AULLY PARK Polarized Motorcycle Riding Glasses

For a cheap price, the Ally Park riding glasses come with a lot of equipment. Four interchangeable lenses are available: polarised grey lens, non-polarized clear MLC lens, Cadmium Yellow lens, and Copper lens! That’s an excellent selection of lenses to try out while riding at night to determine which one suits you best.

Yes, the labor is arduous, and photochromic lenses are preferable, but consider this: changing lenses on these glasses would require you to stop and rest at night, which is a terrific thing to do on a long ride. Taking frequent rests on long trips, especially at night, could save your life.


If you plan on wearing them during the day, UV400 lens protection is a must. The frame is comprised of light plastic with rubber accents for comfort and a secure fit. Wind and dust protection is also included around the lens of the glasses.

If you think this kit already has a lot to offer, keep reading. A sports headband, a pouch, a cleaning cloth, a soft case, and a hard case are included with the glasses!

8. FAGUMA Sports Polarized Sunglasses

Faguma’s night riding glasses offer 100 percent UV protection and polarisation. On night rides, the brand focuses on reducing distractions such as glare from bright lights. The glasses are light and flexible, making them ideal for wearing inside a helmet. Micro scratches on the lens are prevented by a scratch-resistant coating.

Because the glasses are impact-resistant, they’re perfect for wearing beneath an open-face helmet. The glasses are made more comfortable by the silicone padding on the nose. The lack of a transition lens and a basic function like wind protection, on the other hand, may make the glasses a less popular choice among cyclists.

9. BLUPOND Night Riding Motorcycle Glasses

Motorcycle riders who ride at night will appreciate the yellow-tinted glasses with high UV protection and anti-glare coating. While UV protection may not be necessary, the Yellow tint will undoubtedly assist cut through the highlights. It’s unclear whether the lens is polarised or has an anti-glare coating, but the glasses perform a good job of blocking off glare. A polarised lens, on the other hand, is a better choice.

The frame is small, impact-resistant, gripping, and lightweight, allowing it to fit within the helmet while providing ample comfort for the rider. The package includes some extras, which adds to the overall value. Despite the snug fit, wind protection is nearly non-existent, which is a crucial attribute for night-riding glasses.

10. Global Vision Motorcycle Riding Glasses

Global Vision Motorcycle Glasses are low-cost goggles that primarily protect the eyes from the environment at night. The lenses are made of shatterproof polycarbonate with a transparent tint that only provides UV protection.

A non-slip fit is ensured by dual-injected rubber at the temples and rubber nose pads. On those pothole-infested roads, these would almost never shake. The lens is surrounded by a vented EVA foam padding that gives a nice fit and stops dust and wind from irritating the eyes.

However, because the lenses aren’t polarised or photochromic, glare and bright light will still be an issue. These are standard riding glasses that should only be selected if you are on a tight budget.

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