1500 Prize Bond List 2021 Check Online Latest Draw Result

1500 Prize Bond list latest draw result check online
Prize Bond List Rs. 1500 Check Online Latest & Previous Draw Results

Online Check Rs. 1500 Prize Bond Full List 2021

Check online 1500 Prize Bond List 2021 and download. The prize bond of 1500 has three prizes namely, first, second and third. 1 prize is of Rs. 3,000,000, 3 prizes each of 1,000,000 and 1696 prizes each of Rs. 18,500. This prize draws four times in one year and the duration of each other is three months. On the other hand, we provide each month’s latest prize bond list 1500 online checks quickly without any disturbance. Further, you can check all the previous year’s prize bonds easily.

Check Online Prize Bond Winners

Winning Amount of 1500 Rs. Prize Bond

1st Prize3,000,000 PKR
(1 Prize)
2nd Prize1,000,000 PKR
(3 Prizes)
3rd Prize18,500 PKR
(1696 Prizes)

AllResult.com.pk provides a complete schedule of Rs. 1500 prize bonds each year and all other prize bonds. Also, you can check the prize bond result of Rs. 1500 and download list of prize bond results. So, keep visiting here to check the 1500 Prize Bond result List of 2021 and all other prize bonds.

Prize Bond 1500 Upcoming Draw Result List

Sr. No.Prize BondsDateHeld CitiesView List
#861500 Rs.17 May 2021KarachiClick Here
#851500 Rs.15 Feb 2021QuettaClick Here
#841500 Rs.16 Nov 2020QuettaClick Here
#831500 Rs.17 Aug 2020MultanClick Here
#821500 Rs.15 May 2020MuzaffarabadClick Here
#811500 Rs.17 Feb 2020RawalpindiClick Here
#801500 Rs.15 Nov 2019FaisalabadClick Here
#791500 Rs.16 Aug 2019PeshawarClick Here
#781500 Rs.15 May 2019MultanClick Here
#771500 Rs.15 Feb 2019HyderabadClick Here
#751500 Rs.15 Aug 2018KarachiClick Here
#741500 Rs.15 May 2018QuettaClick Here
#731500 Rs.15 Feb 2018KarachiClick Here
#721500 Rs.15 Nov 2017PeshawarClick Here
#711500 Rs.15 Aug 2017MultanClick Here
#701500 Rs.15 May 2017LahoreClick Here
#691500 Rs.15 Feb 2017HyderabadClick Here
#681500 Rs.15 Nov 2016KarachiClick Here
#671500 Rs.15 Aug 2016RawalpindiClick Here
#661500 Rs.16 May 2016MultanClick Here
#651500 Rs.15 Feb 2016PeshawarClick Here

Prize Bond 1500

Would you like to see the results of the 1500 Prize Bond? Then don’t go anywhere because you’re on the right platform, this website must incorporate excellent online prize bond 1500 checks and this is not all that is required, but you can also check out different prize bond names by updating users periodically on different prize bonds. Best of all, you can print out from here 1500 Prize Bond List 2021 without having to pay any subscription fees, or you also don’t have to log in to the 1500 Bond List 2021.

People are asked to search the prize bond list 1500, as the numbers of the winners of the prize bond are posted online so that the public can access the website to learn more. If people will get the outcome of the 1500 prize bond and the results of all denominations will be updated in full. Individuals will get the latest updates of price bond drawing and other denominations, and get a 1500 prize bond result and a short time out of the prize bond result.

You only have to enter the form that is easily accessible on the National Savings website or at the National Save Center and you must apply the form with a CNIC copy to any branch of the State Bank of Pakistan after completing the application form.

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Prize Bond Rs. 1500 List of Year 2021

You can easily access the 1500 Prize Bond List 2021 if you want to check out the 1,500 prize list, its specifics along with the prize bond schedule, and search this web page. In addition, you can also access the Prize Bond Result 1,500 and other debt results in recent updates since, when the 1500 Prize Bond Draw and other bond denominations have been drawn, the site periodically updates their contents. By allresult.com.pk, prize bond results 1500 or other results/list can be easily and quickly obtained in a short period of time and without any problem. So hurry up and try your luck and check the findings of this article.

Prize Bond 1500 Lucky Draw

The fortunate draw for Rs. 1500’s prize bond is drawn four times a year. It’s drawn at the beginning or mid-month. In the largest cities in Pakistan, the Lucky draw ceremony is being held. The Lucky drawing month of the Rs.1500 prize bond is the following:

  1. February
  2. May
  3. August
  4. November

Prize Bond of Pakistan

The State Bank of Pakistan has introduced a prize bond scheme for citizens in Pakistan, who save their amounts from hard-earned revenues and quest for lucrative systems where prizes can be won, and also where their sum is safe in the prize bond scheme. Individuals can contact the State Bank of Pakistan or any of the commercial banks’ branches, from which they will be able to purchase their prize bond rather than cash. This scheme was formulated for citizens by the Pakistani government, Ministry of Finance, to have faith in the government’s regime and do not be afraid of scandalous numbers.

The 1500 Prize Bond can be beneficial to the public because it allows them the ability to invest their money in this scheme and it is possible for them to include it in the scheme. The prize bonds will be available in all branches of the commercial banks, and not less than 60 days of the drawing will be issued by the banks. The prize bonds are available for sale for the next draw after three months until the draw is announced.

Individuals will be given the 1500 prize bond list and the prize bond schedule is issued to the individuals in order to get the 2021 prize bond list after they have access to the 1500 prize bond results.

The prize bond 1500 drawing and other names are freshly modified on fixed dates and times. After the prize bond draw declaration, people need to visit the State Bank of Pakistan Official website and see all the drawing numbers and check the prize bond numbers.

Prize Bond National Saving Scheme

If you have a prize bond, you should download the prize bond draw schedule 2021, which ensures that the draws are announced on particular dates. The prize bonds 1500 are announced in the ceremony and the detailed information of the first, second, and third prizes are announced are also announced and the winners are awarded the different prize amounts according to the prize bond 1500 draw result 2021.

Trade banks are liable for prize bonds in various denominations, but only sell these prize bonds that are informed after 60 days and if a prize bond is drawn closer, the selling of the prize bond will be stopped and sold after the next draw. The 1500 prize bonds are available from all commercial banks and CDNS, and by paying the same amount of the rupees you can purchase the 1500 prize bonds. The prize obligations scheme is the most lucrative and beneficial investment scheme and is safe and stable as well, and you need not fear losing your money because the government and SBP guarantee the scheme.

Under SBP, this price commitment scheme has been initiated for people to invest. The prize bonds in various large cities are announced at specific dates and the numbers of winners are announced and made available online to confirm and verify that winners are announced for their prize bonds.

When we’ve mentioned prize bonds, they are a form of bond issued on behalf of the financial government by approved prize bond companies. The investment is also stated as protected and legally binding. The public would have little interest in this form of investment but chances of winning cash prizes. However, winning opportunities are not guaranteed, but this is a nice way to spend and you can fulfill your wishes and get richer when you win a prize.

Rs. 1500 Prize Bond Result

State Bank of Pakistan has announced various rules and regulations in order to announce the result of prize bonds 2021. People must obey these rules when they buy or sell prize bonds and comply with the rules when the prize bond 1500 result 2021 earns a reward for it. Any award bond can determine a person’s fate and make them wealthy within a couple of days. The full details of the prize bond and its incentive sum and more details about the prize bond draw outcome 2021 have to be reviewed.

You must contact the nearest CDNS or SBP branch if you receive a prize attach, and obey the directions so that they can receive the prize bond’s reward number. The candidates should bear in mind that within a span of six years after the tendering advertising, they will collect the award sum on their prize bonds 1500 result 2021. The owner of the prize bond has to supply documents like CNIC and have to place their signature on the other side of the original award bond.


The prize bond and its draw are given online with essential details and must be read carefully by people before purchasing the award bond and entering the prize bond system.

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About Prize Bond National Saving Scheme

The National Saving Center shall issues Prize Bond 1500 and all other Prize Bonds (counterpart of State Bank of Pakistan). It means that 1500 award bonds or all other bond denominations will be lent by or purchased by the public. And the 1500 prize bonds list 2021 or any other bond list is issued after the 1500 prize bond drawing or another special bond drawing by the State Bank of Pakistan’s committee officials and the National Saving Centers’ Directorate.

In addition, after sixty days of issuing a prize bond, the lucky draw will be held and the respective commission will win four times and thereby eventually increase the probability of winning. Otherwise, for a period of 6 years of the draw date, the winning number will be used.

Prize Bond Checking Process

An individual can check the winning bond on the web or via the Android app. The following steps are taken for the site.

Open the National Saving Centre’s website. Write down the value of the bond, add the range of prize bonds. Enter the withdrawal number and check after the bond range. If you won the prize bond, the results will be shown on the screen.

The bonds on prices are stable. It is the cheapest way to save since you are claiming the balance for six years. People are investing in them due to a large range of advantages. The prize bond is very likely to be won. It costs fixed sums, the key benefit of bonds. Also, it has a money-back guarantee.

Advantages of Prize Bond

  • Although there are many benefits to prize bonds, only some will be discussed here.
  • The prize liabilities are readily available. All can request a prize bond.
  • No special conditions for Prize Bonds. The application process for the award bond is clear and easy for the average citizen to understand.
  • Price bonds have a broad spectrum. They’re not costly. At Rs 100, the cheapest price bond begins. An individual can purchase the prize bond depending on his skill. Low prices are one of the reasons why prize bonds are common.
  • The price bond sum is secure. If an individual does not win, without a loss he can recover the money.
  • Price bonds are more confident than any other form of investment. If you have to withdraw the number, you can easily withdraw it. It does not take a long time to withdraw money.
  • The outcomes of prize bonds depend on an individual’s luck. If an individual wins the investment, he gets a lot of money. The probability of winning prize bonds depends on the investment level.
  • There is a possibility of selling the bond. If an individual has to sell a bond, he can easily sell it. An organization, an entity, or a bank can sell a bond.

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