Prize Bond List 200 Latest Draw Result, Date, Schedule 2021 & All Previous Lists

200 Rs. Prize Bond List 2020 Latest Draw Result, Date, Schedule & All Previous Lists

Latest Draw Dates, Schedule & Lists for 200 Prize Bond

Rs. 200 Prize Bond List 2021 online check and download. Prize Bond of 200 Draw Result has three prizes of a different amount. The 1st prize is Rs. 750,000, 5 prizes each of 250,000 and 2394 prizes each of Rs. 1,250. This prize draws four times per year and the duration of each other is three months. The Prize Bond 200 draw result and upcoming schedule 2021 are updated frequently. Furthermore, you can also get the latest details about National Savings 200 Prize Bond as well as check for 200 prize bond winning numbers below. You can find out old draw results by choosing 200 prize bond draw # numbers. Find updates of any prize bond timely and correct.

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Total Prizes and Winner Amount of Rs. 200 Prize Bond

PrizesWinner Amounts
1st Prize750,000 PKR (1 Prize)
2nd Prize250,000 PKR (5 Prizes)
3rd Prize1250 PKR (2394 Prizes) provides a complete schedule of Rs. 200 prize bond each year and all other prize bonds. Also, you can check prize bond result of Rs. 200 and download list of prize bond result.

Previous All Rs. 200 Prize Bond Lists See Below

Draw#Prize BondsDateHeld CitiesView List
#86200 Rs.15 Jun 2021PeshawarClick Here
#85200 Rs.15 Mar 2021FaisalabadClick Here
#84200 Rs.15 Dec 2020RawalpindiClick Here
#83200 Rs.15 Sep 2020PeshawarClick Here
#82200 Rs.15 Jun 2020QuettaClick Here
#81200 Rs.16 Mar 2020MuzaffarabadClick Here
#80200 Rs.16 Dec 2019PeshawarClick Here
#79200 Rs.16 Sep 2019LahoreClick Here
#78200 Rs.17 Jun 2019MuzaffarabadClick Here
#77200 Rs.15 Mar 2019MultanClick Here
#76200 Rs.17 December 2018HyderabadClick Here
#75200 Rs.17 September 2018HyderabadClick Here
#74200 Rs.19 June 2018MuzaffarabadClick Here
#73200 Rs.15 March 2018FaisalabadClick Here
#72200 Rs.15 Dec 2017LahoreClick Here
#71200 Rs.15 Sep 2017MuzaffarabadClick Here
#70200 Rs.15 Jun 2017KarachiClick Here
#69200 Rs.15 Mar 2017RawalpindiClick Here
#68200 Rs.15 Dec 2016MultanClick Here
#67200 Rs.15 Sep 2016PeshawarClick Here
#66200 Rs.15 Jun 2016FaisalabadClick Here
#65200 Rs.15 Mar 2016MuzaffarabadClick Here
#64200 Rs.15 Dec 2015FaisalabadClick Here
#63200 Rs.15 Sep 2015PeshawarClick Here
#62200 Rs.15 Jun 2015MuzaffarabadClick Here
#61200 Rs.16 Mar 2015HyderabadClick Here

Brief Intro About National Saving Bonds

Prize Bond scheme was introduced in 1960 by State Bank of Pakistan under the name of “National Prize Bonds”. We give the latest information about National Saving Schemes accurately and timely. Furthermore, you can check all old draw results by selecting below given list. Share our website with your friends and also subscribe to

Prize Bond consumers are still satisfied because prize bonds still retain their value despite currency devaluation. If you want to transfer your money into something that won’t lose its value you should buy a prize bond.

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In addition , the entire prize bond is printed by Pakistan Security Printing Corporation; all the bonds is printed under the approval of the Pakistani Government, while any other center is not eligible for printing, so it is important to check if your bond is original or not because scamming is very popular in Pakistan, as each bond has unique protection while some common features are there;

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All approved branches of Commercial Banks and National Saving Center have until today the sole authority to issue Prize Bond 200 or other Prize Bond and to give the amount of Prize Bond. While the 200 Prize Bond drawing and other Prize Bond drawing performed by a standard drawing method and the lucky drawing of Prize Bond 200 and other bonds is carried out by a committee based on officials from the State Bank of Pakistan (Banking Service Corporation) and the National Banking Center Directorate.

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