All allied parties fully intact with govt, claims Shah Mahmood

All allied parties fully intact with govt, claims Shah Mahmood

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that the government’s allies were united behind it and that they would back the Treasury benches on the no-trust resolution.

In an interview with a private news channel, he remarked, “The Pakistan Muslim League-Q (PML-Q) is a loyal associated political party that would fulfil its commitment to support the government.”

Meetings between political parties and differences of opinion, according to the vice-chairman of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI), are the beauty of democracy. He predicted that the opposition’s no-confidence motion would fail.

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Meanwhile, National Assembly Deputy Speaker Qasim Soori stated in a statement that the opposition’s no-confidence vote would fail miserably because the people were behind Prime Minister Imran Khan.

People wanted to see an autonomous economy and foreign policy, he said.

The administration had agreed to deploy rangers and Frontier Corps members for the security of the parliament house and lodges seven days earlier to the no-confidence motion, according to Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed.

“The administration has the power to summon the army under Article 245 of the constitution, but the situation has not yet reached that point,” Sheikh Rashid Ahmed told the journalists at the airport upon his arrival in Quetta.


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He also stated that no private militias, such as Ansarul Islam, would be permitted near the parliament building.

He had predicted that Prime Minister Imran Khan would finish his five-year term and that the opposition would lose the no-confidence vote.

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