Apple is Hosting Another Launch Event This Month

Apple Mobile

Apple confirmed a long-awaited breakdown with Intel earlier this year. The company recently revealed that this will switch to internal chips, such as mobile A series SoCs on iPhones and iPads, which are based on ARM architecture. However, the transition is not quick, and also the full range of Macs from Intel to ARM based processors will take around 2 years.

It seems, however, that perhaps the organization made a step in the transition. Cupertino previously reported that during 10 November it will host a further ‘a further feature’ launch celebration.


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For other requirements, the devices would almost sport like their predecessors, excluding the processor, most likely the A14 chip that can be found in the new iPhones and iPad Air. This move could offer considerably improved energy efficiency as opposed to the silicon which will be substituted by Intel, thus according Apple.


We should be expecting 13 “MacBook Air, 13” MacBook Pro and 16 “MacBook Pro with Apple in-house chips at the launch event, according to Bloomberg.

Rumors indicate something about the latest Apple silicon inside Macs should be this new mode. There are already news on potential networked devices.

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