BBISE Quetta Balochistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education


Quetta’s BBISE was founded in July 1972. As a result of the BISE Ordinances of 1976, it gained power in all of Baluchistan’s educational sectors. It is primarily in charge of overseeing all Provisional Revenue Management. In addition, the BBISE Quetta oversees all of Baluchistan’s educational institutions. The Cantonment institutions, on the other hand, are not under its control. The board office is in Quetta, Baluchistan, on Samungli Rd. In addition, the board office is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

BBISE Quetta---Balochistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education

The Quetta Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education is a self-governing body. It is the only board of intermediate and secondary education in Baluchistan. Apart from cantonments and battalions, the board serves the districts of Kalat, Makran, and Kandahar, as well as the rest of Baluchistan. Quetta Board is capable of dealing with any educational difficulty. BISE The Quetta Board is in charge of the annual exams for the 5th, 8th, 9th, and 10th grades, as well as ICOM, ICS, FSC, and FA. The Quetta board typically distributes roll number slips to all enrolled district candidates a few days before the start of exams and announces the results at the scheduled time.

Annual Exams are held under the supervision of this board for all regular and private applicants from Quetta and its ward regions.

You may learn more about Quetta Board by searching on This page contains past papers, date sheets, results, and anything else relevant to BISE Quetta.

Administration of BBISE Quetta

Particularly the administration of BBISE Quetta is as:

  • Secretaries
  • Assistants
  • Directors
  • Sports sector
  • Finance section
  • Librarians
  • Secrecy officer
  • The Chairman of the Board
  • Vice-Chancellor
  • Junior Clerks
  • Affiliation department
  • Admission office
  • Examination Controller
  • Audit Officer
  • Naib Qasid
  • Senior Clerks
  • Computer cell

Duties and Responsibilities of BBISE Quetta

The following are the tasks and obligations of BBISE Quetta:


  • First and first, send the students to their examination rooms.
  • Check the candidates’ roll no slips as well.
  • Also, keep an eye on the students’ needless possessions.
  • Set the pupils in the examination hall on a no-wise roll.
  • Distribute the papers to the candidates one by one.
  • Mainly, force the staff to work within the Board’s time constraints.


  • Check private and public organizations’ affiliation certification first.
  • In addition, overseeing the Board’s financial arrangements.
  • Distribute the courses throughout the province’s Educational Departments.
  • In addition, the Board’s examination and supervisory personnel must be elected.
  • Work to improve the ethnicity of students in particular.
  • Generally, he is in charge of all aspects of the examination.
  • Surveillance of sporting activities in the province is crucial.
  • Distribute the awards and certificates to the successful pupils.

The mission of BBISE Quetta

The most essential goal of BBISE Quetta is to expand the educational system. It is also trying to improve educational authorities on a national basis. Furthermore, its motivations for a transparent and clean inspection have made it well-known throughout the country.

In addition, the administration of Intermediate and Secondary Education provides services to maintain standards in order to meet the nation’s objectives.

In addition, the computerized system is in place in the Board of Directors’ administration. It specifically raises the amount of processing labour required across the Board. As a result, every member can benefit from this online system by learning about the results and publishing other information.


Additional Exams by BBISE Quetta:

Importantly, BBISE Quetta conducts various tests throughout the province, including

  • Diploma in Commerce.
  • Specifically, Language education like ABID, FAZIL, and ALIM.
  • Agriculture diploma.
  • Associate Engineering diploma.


In conclusion, I believe that BBISE Quetta is working to improve education in Pakistan. It also necessitates punctuality in order to perform effectively within Baluchistan’s districts. It has direct control over the Board, making it a powerful administration.

Additionally, it offers an online system that serves as a resource for candidates. As a result, the additional courses provide a unique way for Pakistanis to advance their education.


Q. Where is BBISE Quetta Located?

It is located at Samungli Rd, Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan.

Q. When was BBISE established?

BBISE Quetta established in July 1972. Consequently, after the BISE Ordinances 1976, it got empowerment in all the Educational sectors of Baluchistan.

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