BISE Abbottabad Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education


The BISE Abbottabad was founded in 1990. It was first under the supervision of the Peshawar Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE). As a result, following the separation, it was placed under the control of the Controlling Authority. Furthermore, BISE Abbottabad is located in Nawa Shehr Town, KPK, on Murree Road. Furthermore, BISE Abbottabad can be reached at (0992) 392010. After the NW FP Act for BISE in 1990, it was decided to use a calendar-based system. This calendar displays a running schedule of BISE Abbottabad’s regulations and principles upon which it is based.

BISE Abbottabad Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education

The Body of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Abbottabad, also known as BISE Abbottabad, is a legislative board for intermediate and secondary education in Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The secession of the Peshawar Board under the NWFP Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Act 1990 resulted in the formation of BISE Abbottabad. BISE Abbottabad provides educational services to five regions: Haripur, Abbottabad, Mansehra, Battagram, and Kohistan, with a total area of 17,194 square kilometres and a population of 3.47 million people.

All Examinations connected to Primary Education, Middle Education, Intermediate Education, Secondary Education, Classical and Pakistani Languages, and such other Examinations as may be mandated by the government are held and directed by BISE Abbottabad.

BISE Abbottabad has announced the results of the yearly board exams for the 5th, 8th, 9th, and 10th grades, as well as ICOM, ICS, FA, and FSC. Set down the requirements for entrance to its examinations in order to determine candidates’ qualifications and admit them to such examinations. Completely or partially agree, deny, or retract an admission. Scholarships, honours, and prizes should be instituted and awarded in the prescribed manner.


Allow persons who have passed its examinations to receive authentications and recognition, and to withhold such testaments and confirmations. provides you with all of the information you need about BISE Abbottabad on this website. Stay in touch with us to learn about results, exams, date sheets, past papers, and other important information.

Jurisdiction of BISE Abbottabad

Furthermore, four districts of KPK are under its supervision. Such as:

  • Haripur
  • Kohistan
  • Abbottabad
  • Mansehra

BISE Abbottabad is primarily responsible for all of these districts’ actions. It is also considering an area of 17,194 square kilometres. Finally, it serves a population of 3.47 million people under one roof.

Institutes under BISE Abbottabad

The following institutes are eligible for BISE admission and are supervised by it:

  • Government schools for both girls and boys are the most common.
  • Second, tehsil-wise, Government High School.
  • Furthermore, there are private schools for both girls and boys, as well as tehsil-wise.
  • Furthermore, private colleges, both for ladies and boys, per tehsil.

Motives and Objectives of BISE Abbottabad

The main incentives of BISE Abbottabad are the following:

  • Importantly, Secondary Examinations are being held.
  • Moreover, Taking up the role of Intermediate Exams Supervisor.
  • Specifically, Classical Languages are under the jurisdiction of the Classical Languages Committee
  • Furthermore, Exams in Pakistani languages are being taken.

Notably, BISE Abbottabad also has the following responsibilities:

  • To begin, look into the students’ eligibility.
  • Second, selected candidates are admitted to the Board.
  • Prescription of Institutional subjects is also possible.
  • Furthermore, assurance of Eligible Institutions’ recognition.
  • Furthermore, the power of institutional acceptance and rejection.
  • Specifically, any false act inside the board powers should be reported.
  • Advertisement
  • Students who get jobs should be rewarded explicitly.
  • Finally, share the results with the pupils.

Staff or Administration of BISE Abbottabad

The staff and administrators of BISE Abbottabad are:

  • Principal of College
  • Assistants
  • Affiliation sectors
  • Sports Officer
  • Registration Office
  • Head of Schools
  • Secrecy officer
  • Directors
  • Controlling Authority
  • The Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Examination Controller
  • Library


BISE Abbottabad is, in my opinion, one of Pakistan’s top examination boards. The well-disciplined personnel, in particular, makes it important on a global scale. Furthermore, the administrative system is appealing.

Furthermore, BISE Abbottabad provides all of the necessary amenities to the candidates. In addition, the affiliation sector is large enough to maintain a balance between private and ordinary students. It holds an enormous system with a reliable means of achieving equilibrium.


Q. When was BISE Abbottabad established?

BISE Abbottabad got its establishment in 1990

Q. Where is BISE Abbottabad located?

BISE Abbottabad is situated on Murree road, Nawa Shehr Town KPK. Further, (0992) 392010 is the contact number for BISE Abbottabad.

Q. Which districts come under BISE Abbottabad?

Four districts of KPK are under its supervision including Abbottabad, Mansehra, Haripur and Kohistan.

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