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BISE Bahawalpur - Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Bahawalpur

BISE Bahawalpur Board

The Bahawalpur Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education is located in Cheema Town. Bahawalpur and Rahim Yar Khan are the two states that make up the region. It was founded on February 3, 1998. All of the headquarters are located in Bahawalpur. In terms of oversight, it is directly supervised by the government. Furthermore, BISE Bahawalpur’s office number is 062-9255080. Even so, it is a convenient connection between the two areas. BISE Bahawalpur currently has 264 job openings.

BISE Bahawalpur was originally a part of the Multan Board, however, due to an increase in the number of candidates and requirements, Bahawalpur Board was established as an independent educational authority in 1977. The mission of the Bahawalpur Board is to provide education and examination administration to the country. The Bahawalpur Board is working hard to improve the quality of education in the country by taking measures and steps.

BISE Bahawalpur is in charge of:

  • Giving information about its SSC/HSSC Examination Candidates to Government
  • Ensuring impartial and unbiased conduction Of Primary, Middle, Secondary, and Higher Secondary Examinations
  • Announcing the results of the 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th fairly
  • Giving Certificates to Its Passing Candidates
  • Issuance of Result Cards, Roll Number Slips, Examination centers, and many more!
  • Management of Co-Curricular Activities
  • The arrangement of Medal, Scholarships, Awards, and Laptops for Candidates

The Bahawalpur Board provides all of the aforementioned services to its jurisdiction. Bahawalnagar District, Rahim Yar Khan District, and Bahawalpur District are all under the authority of BISE Bahawalpur. AllResult provides you with a single-page platform where you can get all Bahawalpur Board updates. You may get 5th, 8th, Secondary, and Inter (ICOM, ICS, FSC, FA) exam date sheets, results, past papers, and any other BISE Bahawalpur information here.

Aims of BISE Bahawalpur

BISE Bahawalpur is primarily focused on achieving Quaid’s goal of education. Ideally, the entire system is focused on improving education. Most importantly, in recent years, Bahawalpur has done an excellent job of promoting education.

  • Services Improvement: Moreover, they have increased the services across all sectors. Specifically, it runs the system with the slogan of achievements of goals through Education.
  • Education to the Nation: Importantly, it has worked for the increment in Educational services.
  • Examination developments: There is a prominent enhancement in BISE Bahawalpur’s examination system. It has taken many steps for improving Exam disciplines.

Administration Set up of BISE Bahawalpur

Authorities have been established by the administration. For maintenance, each office has its own service officer. As a result, the following is the ranking of the top officers:

  • Chairman/Chairperson
  • Secretory of CM
  • Controller
  • Officers from press
  • An Audit Officer

In addition, they supervise a large number of other officers, including:

  • Finance Secretory
  • Assistant Professors
  • Discipline Assistant Controllers
  • Estate Officer
  • Librarians
  • Management Heads
  • Assistant Manager
  • Assistant Secretaries

Responsibilities During Examination

BISE Bahawalpur’s fundamentals are clear and timely papers. Previously, there was also a clear statement of findings. There are, however, duties such as:

  • It primarily sends all HSSC and SSC-related information to the government.
  • The computing industry, in particular, assigns roll numbers to pupils.
  • It also ensures that examinations are conducted in a dependable manner.
  • It also supplies candidates with a variety of certifications.
  • Advertisement
  • It approves student applications for rechecking.
  • In reality, it ensures emigrant certificates in particular.
  • Explicitly, it holds a ceremony for the awarding of medals.
  • It also approves the affiliation of business sectors and institutions within districts, which is important.
  • It, on the other hand, completes the correct adjustment of the candidate’s personal information.
  • It classifies the recorded forms into categories in a systematic way. Regular, district, tehsil, private, gender, and groups are only a few examples.

Facilities to the Students

BISE Bahawalpur has a well-organized structure. It stores all of the data and information for the benefit of the students. The mainstream is essentially an online website. The webpage provides all of the information. Every learner can also obtain such information through associated educational sectors. Furthermore, the website includes information such as:

  • Submission of online forms
  • Information related to regular candidates
  • As well as, it has all the information for private students.

BISE Bahawalpur also has newspaper and ratio relations. It also disseminates information through such sources throughout time.

Structure of Exam Centers

Exam Centers in BISE Bahawalpur are organised as follows:

  • Proper arrangement of furniture and staff in Examining Hall.
  • There should be specific seats for regular students.
  • Moreover, In the center of HSSE, there should be 150 boys or 75 girls.
  • For languages, specifically 100 boys and 50 girls are allowed in the center.
  • Furthermore, for other courses, 100 boys and 70 girls can be allowed.

Particular Examination Center for students

There is also a specific centre for a group of humanities. It exclusively administers exams for a price of Rs.5000 each short topic. It is possible to obtain it at a low cost. Only if a larger number of students take tests in this section.

The following are the minimal requirements for this specialised centre:

  • 60 guys from the regular section were selected for SSC. And there are 40 normal gals.
  • In addition, 75 instances from the male division were included in the HSSE. In addition, there are 50 cases of females.


I’ve come to the conclusion that BISE Bahawalpur is a single board. Notably, it possesses all of the necessary characteristics to provide a balanced arrangement. Most significantly, the system’s goal is fascinating. Despite the fact that it is a small city, it has been running smoothly for almost a decade. Finally, BISE Bahawalpur is one of Pakistan’s instructive boards.


Q. When was BISE Bahawalpur Established?

BISE Bahawalpur was established on Feb 3, 1998.

Q. How to Contact BISE Bahwalpur Office?

062-9255080 is the office number of BISE Bahawalpur and you can contact them on this number.

Q. How do BISE Bahawalpur Facilitates students?

Submission of online forms.

Information related to regular candidates.

As well as, it has all the information for private students.

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