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BISE DG Khan - Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Dera Ghazi Khan

BISE Dera Ghazi Khan Board

BISE Multan was in charge of BISE DG Khan. It gained independence with the BISE Education Act. As a result, it began operating on January 4, 1989. Furthermore, it currently falls within the purview of Punjab Education. Most notably, it receives no support from the government or the semi-government sector. BISE DG Khan, in particular, balances the budget using its own ways. In the end, it is self-governing when it comes to adopting rules and laws. After BISE Faisalabad, however, it is working on its own dime. As a result, it demonstrates excellent efforts to promote education in Pakistan.

The DG Khan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education was established in January 1989. The Dera Ghazi Khan Board’s Camp Office began operating in the Multan Board at that time, and it was later relocated to the DG Khan headquarters. The West Pakistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (DG KHAN) Ordinance, 1989 (now canceled) formed the Dera Ghazi Khan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education out of the Multan Board. The Punjab Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education Act of 1976 now represents it.

The Board is a self-governing educational organization with the authority to enact rules. It does not get any assistance or gifts from the government or any semi-government offices. It must develop its own assets by performing examinations and incurring other costs.

BISE DG Khan is in charge of examinations in the DG Khan area, which includes the cities of Muzaffargarh, Layyah, and Rajanpur. The DG Khan Board examines a large number of pupils on a regular basis. The board is in charge of the Primary, Middle, and Ninth Grade, Matriculation, FSC, FA, ICOM, and ICS exams, as well as their results and supervision. Only at can you find date sheets, test calendars, result declarations, and the most recent news in Urdu and English.


Major Working of BISE DG Khan

Without a doubt, BISE DG Khan puts in a lot of effort. Similarly, it is carrying out the tasks in a proper manner. The following are the Board’s primary responsibilities:

  • Its primary function is to administer examinations in all areas of education in the DG Khan district.
  • BISE DG Khan is considering the HSSE, SSE, and Language examinations.
  • It can also reject requests from unlawful or unknown institutions.
  • It does not accept proposals from underdeveloped educational institutions in particular.
  • Candidates are certified as a result of it.
  • It has a system in place for presenting awards and gifts to the best candidates.
  • It also brings events for Co-curricular activities organised by sports boards.
  • It can, for example, appoint workers on its own.
  • The officers are chosen by the BISE DG Khan based on their eligibility and overall performance.
  • It also sends out notifications about the Board’s infrastructure upkeep.

The working strategy of BISE DG Khan

The time scheme is the most crucial approach of BOSE DG Khan. Everything needs to be completed on time. In addition, it has numerous other branches for further accomplishments.

In order to do jobs without making mistakes, there are numerous measures to follow. As a result, it has devised a commitment pattern that includes the following:

  • Issues checking committee
  • Committee for Name Correction
  • Birth Date Committee
  • Approving Committee
  • Committee for Affiliated Inspections
  • DPC office
  • Appointment sector
  • Money check and balance committee
  • Security Enhancing committee
  • Committee for Exam Conduction
  • Committee for Exam Staff selection

Sectors or Branches of BISE DG Khan

It has an extensive maintenance system, without a doubt. However, there are numerous branches for examining the various levels of labour. The following is a list of the items on the list:

  • Branch for Matric
  • Inquiries sector
  • Library
  • Secrecy system
  • Verification section
  • Exam conductance Branch
  • Fundamental studies Branch (inter)
  • Branch of establishment
  • Sports sector
  • Finance section
  • Audit branch
  • Computer Branch for records
  • Confidential System

Qualifications of DG Khan Board’s Top Employees and Duties

Most crucially, the BISE DG Khan method is dependent on the outstanding performance of the personnel. The chief officers, in particular, play a crucial role in upkeep. So, in a nutshell, this Board has some rules and regulations. Employee selection, for example, is based on their qualifications.

  • Chairman/Exam Controller: Primarily, the Controlling Authority appoints the CM
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  • Assistant Secretary: AS acquires a Master’s degree with more than 60% for eligibility.
  • Superintendent: 45% marks in the Master’s degree and 60% marks in bachelor are necessary for a superintendent appointment.
  • Audit Officer: A bachelor or CA must be the qualification of AO. Specifically with the age of 22-45 years.
  • Deputy Controller of Examination: understandably, a Master’s degree or equivalent is required for DC of the Examination.
  • Director of Examination: Master’s degree is necessary for a director. Otherwise, he/she will not be eligible for this post.

BISE DG Khan’s main management body oversees assistants, senior and junior clerks, and other officers. The entire system functions as a chain.


BISE DG Khan is, in my opinion, one of Pakistan’s top examination boards. Furthermore, the Western Education Authority is in charge of this Board. Despite being a small district, BISE DG Khan has a high level of professionalism.

Independence, for example, allows for more room for brilliance. As a result, it has become Punjab Board’s most important sector. The spreader branches provide a variety of options for disseminating information among pupils.


Q. Where is BISE DG Khan located?

Firstly, it was situated in a small building. And then it moved to Latifabad Unit 9, Hyderabad.

Q. What is the performance of BISE DG Khan?

Despite a small district, the performance of BISE DG Khan is very professional.

Q. When was BISE DG Khan established?

BISE DG Khan was established on Jan 4th,1989.

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