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BISE Faisalabad one of Punjab Boards of Primary and Secondary education

BISE Faisalabad Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education

The Faisalabad Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) was founded in 1988. It is now managed by the Punjab BISE. The address of the building is 38000 Jhang Road, Air Avenue City FSD. In the meantime, BISE Faisalabad is working with about 15 Board Governors. BISE Faisalabad oversees Jhang, Toba Tek Singh, Chinot, and Faisalabad.

It is under the Punjab Authority’s direct control. The building’s total area is around 212.12 kilometers. It also features a Main Hall that can accommodate 500 people. Which is entirely air-conditioned and equipped with cutting-edge technical devices. In the meanwhile, there is a 50-person Meeting Hall. Most importantly, this structure houses a Mosque that can accommodate 250 people. There is a library specifically for the staff. As a result, there is a park outside the building for refreshments.

Since 1988, the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Faisalabad (BISE Faisalabad) has been an examining board for intermediate (upper secondary) and secondary (secondary school) education. The following districts are under the jurisdiction of the BISE Faisalabad:

  • Jhang
  • Chiniot
  • Toba Tek Singh
  • Faisalabad

The Board’s main goal is to hold and direct all examinations related to Primary, Middle, Secondary School, Intermediate, Classical Languages, and any other examinations that the Controlling Authority or the Punjab Government may appoint. BISE Faisalabad reveals the results of the various classes after the annual exams are completed. The Board’s primary functions are to grant, reject, or revoke affiliation to Educational Institutions. BISE Faisalabad has the authority to determine conditions for the administration of the Board’s various examinations.

When the tenth and twelfth-grade results are announced, a service is held at the Board headquarters where special honors are presented to the position holder pupils. Despite its instructional responsibilities, the Faisalabad Board has the power to organize extracurricular events.


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An independent Board System

In comparison to other boards, it does not require any financial assistance. Best of all, it does not rely on government assistance. BISE Faisalabad generates its own revenue from test fees and other educational activities.

The following are the top officers on this board:

  • Chairman
  • Secretary of Exams
  • Audit Officer
  • Controller of examination

Furthermore, BISE Faisalabad demands it to have various committees, such as:

  • Finance committee
  • Curricular committee
  • Committee for staff appointments
  • Committee for Paper checking
  • Result Clearance committee

Services and Responsibilities of BISE Faisalabad

  • It is primarily responsible for all sections of the Faisalabad board.
  • Provides a stand-alone solution for handling examinations in the districts.
  • Within areas, examines and rejects private educational institutes.
  • Although, he is also in charge of managing papers from Pakistan’s other boards.
  • As a result, appointments are made for personnel selection.
  • Strictly accountable for making poor decisions.
  • It also organises a reward distribution ceremony for the winners.
  • It also supports co-curricular activities, which is important.
  • It keeps a staff member who is specifically qualified for the BS-17 position.
  • Accountable to the Controlling Authority in particular.
  • It obtains funds from admission forms and other sources on a personal basis.
  • Equally liable for the board’s expenses and responsibilities.

Exam Administration BISE Faisalabad

Because each examination centre is supervised by a single Superintendent. In addition, the Superintendent has employed two people to support him. In the hall, four inspectors look for prohibited things. This reduces the likelihood of cheating.

All of these adjustments usually require the Chairman and Exam Controller’s permission. As a result, it evolves into a well-functioning system. The following are the responsibilities of the examination staff:

  • Residential Inspector: Residential Inspector is the highest rank. During the exam, he/she is primarily in charge of all stops. RI also checks for the presence of an outsider or a student’s kin.
  • The Center Superintendent will direct students to the Halls. He/she also checks each student’s pockets before handing out the paper. If there is a problem, the case will be referred to RI.
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Besides, there is an arrangement of other things also. Such as:

  • Proper methods of Staff, furniture, and student counting.
  • Understandably, there should be 150 boys or 75 girls in Hall.
  • For language candidates, preferably, 100 boys or 50 girls.
  • Specifically, for Art and Craft, 100 boys or 70 girls.

Quick services to students

BISE Faisalabad has recently established an online system. It makes it easy for pupils to obtain information. Aside from that, pupils might use an SMS service. When a student submits an enrollment form, the results are received shortly.

As a result, candidates can now take advantage of speedy services in a single step.

Expenditure and Budget of BISE Faisalabad

A table depicts the BISE Faisalabad’s annual budget from 2015 to 2017.


BISE Faisalabad, in my opinion, is in a state of equilibrium. As a result, all of the systems are operational. Most importantly, independence strengthens it in the face of opposition from other industries. It does, however, have areas of responsibilities that are arranged. Without a doubt, it is Pakistan’s sole Board that does not require funding.


Q. How many Governors are working with BISE Faisalabad?

Almost 15 Governors of the Board are working with BISE Faisalabad.

Q. Which cities come under BISE Faisalabad?

Jhang, Toba Tek Singh, Chinot, and Faisalabad are under BISE Faisalabad.

Q. What is the average expenditure of BISE Faisalabad?

Its EXPENDITURE is somewhere around Rs. 941.311 M with a yearly INCOME of around Rs. 1061.096 M

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