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BISE Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education

FBISE Federal Board Islamabad fbise.edu.pk

Following the passage of the FBISE Act in 1975, the FBISE was founded. The Federal Ministry of Education has its own set of authorities. It is also independent in the board’s financial and educational decisions. Furthermore, the FBISE’s headquarters are in Islamabad. As Capital Territory, the board office is located on Service Rd H8/4 in Islamabad.

In addition, the FBISE office can be reached at 051 9269555. The FBISE allows a specific fund to be used as a Provident fund. The fund is primarily for the benefit of board members. Furthermore, this fund was established following the 1926 Provident Fund Act.

Since 1975, the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) has been an educational board under the control of the Pakistani government that examines intermediate and secondary education in Pakistan and overseas. It is a self-contained organization that reports to the Ministry of Federal Education and Pr ofessional Training. This body is in charge of accrediting institutes that offer SSC and HSSC education both in Pakistan and overseas.


FBISE approves SSC and HSSC courses, administers tests, and announces results in accordance with its jurisdiction. Primary, Middle, Ninth Class, Matric, FSC, FA, ICOM, and ICS exams are all handled by the board.

The Islamabad territory, Cantonments and Garrisons across Pakistan, Gilgit Baltistan, Governmentally Administered Tribal Areas, and Abroad are all under the authority of the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad. The FBISE ensures that vital services are provided in linked institutions. During annual examinations, the Federal Board selects the examiner and supervisory personnel.

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Jurisdiction of FBISE

  • Islamabad
  • Tribal areas under Federal administration
  • International schools outside Pakistan
  • Cantonments
  • Gilgit
  • Garrisons

Responsibilities of FBISE Pakistan

The responsibilities of FBISE Pakistan are the following:

  • It also provides affiliations to the institutions that fall under the domains.
  • It also specifies courses for secondary and post-secondary education.
  • It gives precise directives to the associated institutions.
  • Furthermore, it guarantees that all board members are working properly.
  • Most importantly, it is responsible for conducting SSC and HSSC examinations.
  • It also takes steps to promote extracurricular activities.

Visions of FBISE Pakistan

Among the goals and ideals of the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education are:

  • Most importantly, it promotes knowledge advancement at the national level.
  • Its other goal is to keep the Examination system in a balanced state.
  • It also organizes the international institutions that are associated with the Pakistan Board.
  • It enables the paper to be conducted in a clear and clean manner.
  • Specifically, it is in charge of the partnership of all of the Federal board’s training institutes.

The administration of FBISE

The administration of FBISE is as:

  • The Chairman, the Controlling Authority, appoints him/her.
  • One representative from each province, AJK, Gilgit, and Tribal areas.
  • The finance officer checks the debit and credit of the board expenses particularly.
  • One Headmaster from Boys’ schools, specifically.
  • Furthermore, one Headmaster from Girls’ schools.
  • Director general from Federal Education.
  • Secondly, two VCs by the University Commission.
  • Further, Deputy secretaries, with 21-grade level.
  • Moreover, Director of Cantonment Military, specifically.
  • One Principal from the Federal colleges, particularly.
  • Further, three members, either woman from the National assembly, notably.

Duties of FBISE Pakistan

The duties of FBISE Pakistan are the following:

  • To begin, it conducts the examination and maintains the system in a correct state.
  • In addition, it governs appointments to federal and international organizations.
  • It specifically carries out the actions under the chairman’s supervision.
  • It also examines the clauses.
  • Withdraw or reject the applications on their merits.
  • Fix and manage the fee structures for students as well.
  • Advertisement
  • It accepted each of the board’s forms separately.
  • Furthermore, it ensures that the work is completed on time inside the board.
  • It mostly distributes the results among the students.
  • In addition, the board’s top scorers are awarded awards.
  • Last but not least, it strives to improve the candidates’ physical health.

The criteria of the rules of Examinations in FBISE

it is as:

  • Rechecking of papers
  • Improvements in system
  • Verification of the institutions
  • Change of subject groups
  • Refunding of fees
  • Appointments of the staff
  • Inspection of examinations
  • Definitions
  • General
  • Reexamination
  • Eligibility criteria of admissions


I’ve come to the conclusion that FBISE is the most disciplined department in Pakistan’s educational system. Furthermore, the authorities in charge of direct control make it far more reliable. Furthermore, its international association makes it visible on all boards.

Furthermore, the disciplinary system is strict in order to control things within the board in a controlled manner. As a result, it benefits the working crew and their advancement.


Q. When was FBISE established?

FBISE got established in 1975 after the ordinance of the FBISE Act.

Q. Where is FBISE Located?

The main office of FBISE is located in Islamabad. The location for the board office is Service Rd H8/4, Islamabad, as Capital territory.

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