BISE Hyderabad Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education


In 1961, BISE Hyderabad was founded in its entirety. Sindh University used to administer the HSSE and SCC exams. Furthermore, at first, BISE Hyderabad was only in charge of the Matric examination. Most notably, it quickly rose to prominence in Sindh Boards. Furthermore, all boards, with the exception of the Karachi Board, were administered by the BISE Hyderabad. Furthermore, following the National Education Commission, it began a two-year Intermediate curriculum. It was important to note that it gained complete independence in 1961. To begin with, it was housed in a modest structure. Then it was transferred to Latifabad Unit 9, Hyderabad.

BISE Hyderabad---Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education was created in 1961 in Hyderabad, Sindh, to promote secondary and higher secondary school examinations (additionally called intermediate universities). On December 30, 1958, a commission on national education was appointed, which recommended four years of education from class IX to XII as a major aspect of the intermediate and secondary education educational programme, and the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education was established in Hyderabad in 1961 along these lines.

Every year, the board conducts exams in its jurisdiction, which includes Hyderabad, Daulatpur Taluka, and District Nawabshah. Each year, the board conducts primary, middle, matric, and intermediate tests for the district’s pupils under a reasonable and absolutely clear examination framework. It also leads the confirmation level tests and the exams for oriental dialects. The board’s administration considers achieving national objectives and aims in the secondary and higher secondary dimensions.

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Visions of BISE Hyderabad.

BISE Hyderabad’s main goal is to promote educational excellence in Pakistan. Furthermore, it promotes Sindh’s Centers of Excellence.


BISE Hyderabad utilises the most up-to-date educational technologies to improve educational outcomes. It also aids the development and advancement of the next generation.

Most importantly, it has fought to improve Pakistan’s educational standards. BISE Hyderabad’s main goal is to achieve this.

Aims of BISE Hyderabad

BISE Hyderabad should ideally have fewer goals. However, these are critical to the realization of its vision. The following are the objectives:

  • Significant improvements in the Board’s ability to conduct tests fairly.
  • Authenticity is very important in the private sector.
  • It also governs the clearances of both regular and private candidates.
  • HSSE and SSC credentials are the most common.
  • Most notably, it aids in the globalisation of education.
  • It delivers a high power description among boards on a national level.
  • It also ensures that education in the districts is of high quality.
  • Furthermore, it awards scholarships to eligible students.

Governance and Administrators of BISE Hyderabad

  • Controlling authority
  • Principals of instructions
  • College director
  • University director
  • Public service commissioner
  • Additional secretary of boards
  • Regional directors
  • Chairman of SSC
  • Chairman of HSSC
  • Vice-chancellor

Essentially, the Chief Minister of Sindh is the controlling authority. CM Sindh appoints all members of the Board of Directors for governance.

The four primary seats of BISE Hyderabad are as follows:

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Examination Controller
  • Audit Officer

Committees of BISE Hyderabad

The following table lists the BISE Hyderabad committees and sub-committees:

Academic committee
Finance section
Appointment sector
Committee for paper setters
Committee for Subjects
Building Establishment Committee
Disciplinary Staff Committee
Sports Committee
Inspection Sector
Library Staff
Maintenance Section
Event Committee
Security Sector
Affiliation Committee

BISE Hyderabad Sectors, without a doubt, cover all educational priorities. More importantly, they have established a well-organized governing framework. It is, in fact, beneficial to students’ guidance.

The conductance of variable Exams by BISE Hyderabad

Mainly, BISE Hyderabad conducts three types of Examinations. Such as:

  1. High Secondary School Certification HSSC: Importantly, it gives all information about Inter examination. Furthermore, it includes details on rolling no slips, personal data of candidates, sectors for students, etc.
  2. Advertisement
  3. Special language examination: Basically, it covers all language courses under the districts. Such as:
  4. Secondary School Certification SSC: Basically, it covers classes of 9th and 10th. Moreover, it provides enrollments and Designation of exams for Matric students.
  • Fazil e Urdu
  • Moulvi Alim
  • Moulvi Adab
  • Urdu Adab
  • Alim ul Adab
  • Sindhi
  • Persian language
  • Alim e Farsi


BISE Hyderabad is, in my opinion, Pakistan’s oldest board. Importantly, it is guided by strong beliefs and objectives. BISE Hyderabad is a valuable sector because of its ethical working conditions.

Furthermore, it contains all candidate-related information. Students, on the other hand, can readily obtain their roll no slips. It also has a fantastic system for promoting extracurricular activities. Most importantly, it is more valuable because of the check and balance in academic and non-academic activities.


Q. When was BISE Hyderabad established?

BISE Hyderabad was wholly established in 1961.

Q. Where is BISE Hyderabad located?

Firstly, it was situated in a small building. And then it moved to Latifabad Unit 9, Hyderabad.

Q. What is the aim of BISE Hyderabad?

the aim of BISE Hyderabad is the Excellence in Pakistan’s Education. Moreover, it promotes the Excellence of Centers of Sindh.

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