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Are you searching for notes of the BISE Lahore board? Here, you can download BISE Lahore Class 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th notes. The students can also check their results for Class 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th.

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BISE Lahore Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education

The largest platform of education is the Lahore Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. Admissions paperwork and a BISE date sheet are available. It covers all of the obligations, responsibilities, and information about applicants that is available. The greatest platform in Pakistan is the Lahore Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education.

BISE Lahore Board

The Lahore Board is the national standard for education. BISE Lahore is Pakistan’s largest educational board, with around 2 million students being assessed each year in primary, middle, matriculation, and intermediate exams.

In 1954, the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education of Lahore was granted autonomy. The board was established shortly after Pakistan’s independence and is considered one of the country’s oldest boards.

BISE Lahore Board

Pakistan was established in 1947. The first stage was to implement a large-scale education system. Furthermore, in the beginning, matriculation and intermediate exams were held at Punjab University Lahore. A distinct BISE system was formed in 1955, following the Punjab University Act 1945. Most importantly, BISE Lahore was the first board to administer Matric and Inter exams. AJK, Baluchistan, and the Northern Areas were initially under authority.

All education matters in Punjab were previously handled by the University of Punjab, Lahore, but due to a growth in the number of candidates, the BISE Lahore Board was established. Kasur, Okara, Sheikhupura, and Nankana Sahib are now under its control.

The Lahore Board is responsible for directing annual exams for grades 5 through 10, ICOM, ICS, FSC, and FA, as well as the announcement of results. Aside from academic obligations, the Lahore Board is also responsible for organizing extracurricular activities. High-scoring students receive honors, certificates, and computers from BISE Lahore.

AllResult provides you with all of the information you need about the Lahore Board on this website. In Urdu and English, you may look for BISE LHR results, date sheets, exam schedules, announcements, and the newest news.

Authorities of BISE Lahore

In addition, the Lahore Board is the largest educational organization in Pakistan. Following the states’ independence, BISE Lahore began providing services to neighbouring districts. BISE Lahore is responsible for the junctions of Kasur, Sheikhupura Okara, and Nan Kana Sahib. It’s also close to Mozang Road, Block B-Jubilee Town Lahore.

The following are the tasks and authorities of BISE Lahore:

  • Exams in the Middle
  • Exams for primary education
  • Exams for Secondary Education
  • All Boards and districts are under my supervision.
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  • In the end, he declares the results.
  • All aspects of award distribution are under your control.
  • Furthermore, BISE Lahore oversees co-curricular activities.

Visions of BISE Lahore

Similarly, Pakistan was founded on the Islamic Vision. Similarly, BISE Lahore had some ambitions and goals related to various slogans, such as:

  • Sectors of Education Promotion
  • Most notably, testimonies from Fair Exam
  • Justified and clear educational department with unbiased examination
  • Above all, to build an educated nation, first and foremost, to make the country literate in comparison to others.

Administration of BISE Lahore

Candidate forms are administered by the administration, and the results are administered by the administration. The ruling session of an Educational System is its Board, according to Clause 5 of the Government Acts. It is separated into several sections, including:

  • Chairman Person: He/She oversees the changes and programs in the examination sector.
  • Vice-Chancellor: A university professor or VC of the sector, which holds the duties after CM.
  • Executive Officers: The principal has the authority to make any change in departments under the Chairman’s supervision.
  • Academic Officer: The academic performances of teachers, staff, and candidates are under the control of academic officers. Although the name, preferably shows the work itself.
  • Board Officers: Two board officers are under the consideration of the Academic Officer. Accordingly, both are answerable to the administration of BISE Lahore. Fact, the rank of the Board Officers should not be below the deputy level.
  • Headmasters of Colleges: The controlling sector elects one candidate from the Degree college and another from the Intermediate sector. Consequently, both work for the maintenance of Examinations all over Lahore and its respective domains.
  • Persons of Controlling Authority: Controlling authority also chooses two people from its department. Besides, they keep an eye on every action performing BISE Lahore. Along with this, they are answerable to the administration also.

The online methodology of BISE Lahore

You can now transmit your admissions using the HEC online criteria if you like. One of the most important information platforms is Urdu Point. It directs you to a website where you can search for the information you need. You can look for information on the following topics:

  • 9th class enrollment, forms, and dates of examination
  • 10th class admission forms and exam dates
  • Part-1 papers and admission forms
  • Part -2 date sheet and enrollment.

Furthermore, a candidate can quickly access the results on the Allresult website.

Admission Requirements of Candidates

Every system necessitates a registration process. BISE Lahore, also, has specific admission requirements. CNIC or birth certificate, photocopies, parents’ CNICs, and so on. It is dependent on the source to which you are submitting an application.

If you utilize an online source, you must print the application form. Then you’ll need an official 18-grade officer’s stamp on every step. Then you upload your scanned documents to BISE’s official website. However, Urdu point provides you with this opportunity. You can use it to send your admission.


Second, private institution students apply for admission through their own institutions. It should be simple for them. They will also require a CNIC or Bay form, photographs, and their father’s CNIC. Every examination board requires it.

Recognition Procedures

BISE Lahore has several admissions rules for students. In Chapter 4, the BISE Lahore provides a document. As a result, some principles must be followed in Higher Schools. Here are several rules that apply only to private institutes. For example:

  • Most crucially, students who have never had a diploma can enroll in high school.
  • For each entry, each private institute will pay the government endowment money.
  • A new institute’s application will not be considered. Unless it addresses all of the statements in Chapter 4.
  • The Board will conduct a results inspection on a consistent basis. Following the announcement of the results, the Board Secretaries will compile a list of institutes that have been promoted.
  • During examinations, the board will ensure that all relevant equipment is on hand. In addition, supervising personnel will be provided.

Every institute supplies BISE Lahore with a number of crucial items. For any institute, these are acceptable and permanent. If a private institution does not follow these parts, admissions will be denied.


BISE Lahore, in my opinion, is the most well-organized Board. It does all of the tasks in its areas. Most significantly, it provides a balanced approach for obtaining admissions rapidly. So, in general, BISE Lahore is performing admirably. It is, without a doubt, extremely beneficial to students.

Lahore Board FAQs

Q. When was BISE Lahore Established?

BISE Lahore was established in 1955.

Q. What is the vision of BISE Lahore?

The first step was taking the Education system on a large scale and facilitating as many students as possible with education.

Q. Name the cities that come under BISE Lahore?

Kasur, Sheikhupura Okara, and Nan Kana Sahib junctions come under BISE Lahore

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