BISE Peshawar—Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education


The Peshawar Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) was founded in 1961. As a result, it has been operating under KPK Boards since that time. Initially, BISE Peshawar was administered by Peshawar University. It was divided into a separate sector after the National Education Act of 1958.

Initially, BISE Peshawar was in charge of all of KPK. It was sent into numerous sub-sectors as a result of an increase in students. Mardan, Swat, Kohat, Abbottabad, Bannu, and DI Khan are just a few examples. Furthermore, Nasir Bagh Rd, BISE Peshawar Colony, KPK is where BISE Peshawar is located. It also encompasses four districts: Charsadda, Shabqadar, Mohmand, and Chitral.

BISE Peshawar---Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education

The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa established BISE Peshawar in 1961. Previously, Peshawar was in charge of all educational matters in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, but the administration eventually established other educational boards there, and the division is now known as Peshawar Division. The following districts are included under the Peshawar board’s jurisdiction:

  1. Charsadda District
  2. Chitral District
  3. Peshawar District

Thousands of regular and private students take the BISE Peshawar exams on a regular basis. The Peshawar board holds annual exams for Primary, Middle, Ninth, and Tenth Grades, as well as ICOM, ICS, FA, and FSC. The board will disclose the results of these classes later. BISE Peshawar is also in charge of awarding high-achieving students with awards and certificates. provides you with all the information you need about Peshawar Board date sheets, results, and past papers on this website. Keep in touch with us.

Representatives of BISE Peshawar

The members of the Board are elected by the BISE Peshawar Election Commission. For example:

One principal representative from each BISE Peshawar district, representing GGHS (girls) and GHS (boys).

  • For boys and girls, there is one GHS Head Representative.
  • Furthermore, all district boards have a representative principal from a private high school.
  • In addition, a representative from the Private HSS.
  • Accordingly, the representative head and principal of government colleges.

Division-wise Elections

Furthermore, all these elections occur districts wise as:

  • District Peshawar Male and Female
  • Khyber District
  • District Charsadda
  • Mohmand District
  • District Chitral

Organization and Administration of BISE Peshawar

The following are the main administrators of BISE Peshawar:

  • Chairman
  • Personal Secretary of Chairman
  • Secretaries
  • Controller of Examination

These are further broken into sub-sections as follows:


  • Assistants
  • Audit Section
  • Establishment Office
  • Certificate Sector
  • Registration Office
  • Record Area
  • Computer Department

Examination Controller

  • Secrecy Department
  • Examination Cell

Responsibilities of BISE Peshawar

The following are the key tasks of BISE Peshawar:

  • Clean Conductance of Exams: Primarily, a clean and transparent examination is the priority of BISE Peshawar. Clearly, it increases the quality of Education.
  • Improvement in Education System: Specifically, it improves the educational system. Further, it regulates the organizational staff.
  • Betterment in Examination System: There is a systemized arrangement of staff in BISE Peshawar. Moreover, to hold considerable strength, a better examination system is necessary.

Duties of BISE Peshawar Administration

The administration of the BISE Peshawar has the following responsibilities:

  • Most crucial, point the students in the direction of their exam rooms.
  • Examine the unlawful items in the examination cell one by one.
  • In addition, managing the candidates’ essential supplies.
  • Additionally, give the kids the question sheets.
  • As a result, ensure that staff is available at all times.
  • In addition, gather the papers and deliver them to the Checking Department.
  • Advertisement
  • Distribute the results mostly among the candidates.
  • Finally, award diplomas and awards to the exam winners.


BISE Peshawar, I conclude, is KPK’s systemized Board of Education. Furthermore, it is a comprehensive board system that properly covers the examination system. Furthermore, the fact that it is the KPK’s oldest Board adds to its uniqueness.

Furthermore, BISE Peshawar provides all necessary amenities to students. It also provides the option of online submission. This is quite beneficial to the students. Finally, BISE Peshawar is one of Pakistan’s leading educational boards.


Q. When was BISE Peshawar Established?

BISE Peshawar got its establishment in 1961. Consequently, it is working since that time under KPK Boards.

Q. Which districts are included in BISE Peshawar?

It includes four districts, such as Charsadda, Shabqadar, Mohmand, and Chitral.

Q. Which is the Biggest Board of Education in KPK?

BISE Peshawar is the systemized Board of Education in KPK and also being the largest board of Pakistan.

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