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BISE Rawalpindi Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education

BISE Rawalpindi  - Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education

BISE Rawalpindi was founded in 1977. Furthermore, this Board oversees four districts. Attock, Jhelum, Rawalpindi, and Chakwal are only a few examples. Initially, BISE Rawalpindi’s main office was located in Rawalpindi’s Satellite Town. Then, in the month of March, it was rebuilt in Morgah.

It regulates the system according to its own set of rules. It mostly has a budget of 500 crores every year. There are also 530 seats available for employees. On the official website of BISE Rawalpindi, anyone can do a search for information on BISE Rawalpindi. It is also important to note that it is a freehold property.

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The districts of Attock, Chakwal, Jhelum, and Rawalpindi are all served by the BISE Rawalpindi. The Board’s main purpose is to organize and direct all primary, middle, and secondary school examinations, as well as ICS, ICOM, FA, FSC, Classical Languages, and other examinations delegated by the Punjab Controlling Authority/Government.

Because of the bifurcation of BISE Sargodha in compliance with Punjab BISE Act No. XIII of 1976, the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Rawalpindi was established in October 1977.

The BISE Rawalpindi has the jurisdiction to announce candidate results and award certificates to outstanding achievers. Rawalpindi needs to host a sports event to encourage students to participate in sports.

The board strives to conduct exams and declare results without bias or partiality. On this website, you’ll find more information about the Rawalpindi Board. AllResult will keep you up to date on the newest BISE Rawalpindi news.

Self-dependent Board in all

BISE Rawalpindi is one of Pakistan’s self-contained boards. On this Board, there are two income classes in particular.

  • Primarily, income from the money of admission forms.
  • And secondly, from the examination.

More importantly, BISE Rawalpindi does not accept any government funding. It operates on its own collection funds.

The levels of the Governors of BISE Rawalpindi

BISE Rawalpindi has a number of leaders. The positions are classified based on the order in which the seats are assigned. For example:

  • Mainly Chairman of the Board comes first
  • Then, VC from University for Board
  • Principal from Inter Board
  • Headmaster from Schools
  • Directors of Education
  • Executive Officers of all districts
  • Deputy Officer from the Finance department
  • The principal of the Degree college
  • And then, persons from controlling authority come

Major responsibilities of BISE Rawalpindi

BISE Rawalpindi, in particular, has a number of responsibilities. As a result, the system must ensure that such responsibilities are carried out. The following are some of them:

  • Most importantly, it must ensure that HSSC and SSC exams are conducted in a transparent manner.
  • Furthermore, any documentation pertaining to special education and languages is taken into account.
  • Furthermore, one of BISE Rawalpindi’s main responsibilities is the compilation of personal reports.
  • Then there’s the matter of taking advantage of the availability of student certificates.
  • It also provides incentives and presents to the Board’s top performers.
  • Finally, it encourages students to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities.

The General Information Sector of BISE Rawalpindi

This number 5450929 can be used to reach the main office. Likewise, if someone needs written information, they can do it through the office.

Candidates can also acquire information from the inquiry office about SSC, HSSC, languages, and special education. With payment, you can get more information on prior documents at the inquiry office.

Explicitly, Habib Bank Limited is responsible for the payment of all admission forms in all sectors, as detailed instructions are accessible in the inquiry sector.

Candidates can also access this information over the internet. For example, the BISE Rawalpindi main webpage.

Instructions for Students

  • Candidates must provide accurate personal information to the institution’s head.
  • HBL is where students should submit their entrance fees. In addition, they must provide a challan form.
  • Notably, at the time of submission, Heads must double-check the accuracy of students’ personal information.
  • Importantly, only the heads or principals have the authority to authorize student entrance forms. As a result, they must pay a visit to the administration’s top official.
  • Furthermore, students must pay their fees before the deadline. They must ensure that the charge is submitted through the bank.
  • Students can use the rules to apply for any adjustment.
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  • Additionally, students can simply check their roll number, name, and distinction on the date sheet.

Basic instructions for entering in Examination center

  • It is critical that students bring their own stationery.
  • In the Examination Center, smoking is not permitted.
  • Furthermore, no mobile phones or calculating equipment are permitted in the center.
  • Students are compatible with exams if they arrive 30 minutes late.
  • Students can take advantage of the opportunity to present a paper if it occurs by chance. The superintendent, though, makes the final choice.
  • Students can also obtain information from the personnel and proceed to their examination centers.


BISE Rawalpindi, in my opinion, is one of Pakistan’s best-organized boards. It is moving towards self-sufficiency. It allows you to double-check your work. This is really beneficial to prospects.

It’s appealing because of the sources of income. Date sheets, roll numbers, and personal information corrections are all readily available. Students can easily tackle the situation with the help of a good set of instructions.


Q. How to check the Bise Rawalpindi board result?

You can check BISE Rawalpindi board results by selecting your class and then by entering your roll.

Q. How to Pay my Challan of BISE Rawalpindi?

You can pay your BISE Rawalpindi challan through any Habib Bank Limited Branch.

Q. Which is the self-independent education board of Punjab?

BISE Rawalpindi is the self-independent education board of Punjab which doesn’t take any aid from the government.

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