BISE Swat Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education


The BISE Swat was established in 1992. Furthermore, as a separate educational system, it is located in the Malakand area. It reviews the documents in particular and accepts or rejects the registration of institutes. It also broke apart from BISE Peshawar. Furthermore, the structure may be found near Kokrai, Swat, on the Marghazar Salampur Rd. It is also governed by the KPK board of directors. It is also in charge of reporting the actions of the board to the KPK government.

BISE Swat---Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education

B.I.S.E Saidu Sharif Swat is an autonomous public sector education board that directs examinations and awards certificates at the primary, middle, and intermediate levels with the backing of the Provincial Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. After a two-year break from the combined Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Peshawar for the entire region, the board was established in 1992. Shangla, Buner, and Swat District all fall under the jurisdiction of Swat Board. The Swat Board plans the complete calendar, including examinations and outcomes. The Swat Board is highly lenient when it comes to sorting out its confirmed approaches.

The swat board is in charge of dealing with any and all issues concerning pupils. The annual tests for the 5th, 8th, 9th, and 10th grades, as well as ICOM, ICS, FSC, and FA, are directed, sorted, and overseen by this board. Following the completion of the tests, the results of these classes are announced, and high-scoring students are recognised with awards. Swat Board is in charge of all educational matters in Swat and its jurisdiction.

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Jurisdiction of BISE Swat

BISE Swat is in charge of three districts in particular:

  • District Swat
  • Buner district
  • Shangla

Responsibilities of BISE Swat

The following are the tasks of BISE Swat:

  • To begin with, it accepts or rejects the affiliation of institutions within districts.
  • Furthermore, it selects courses for the board’s benefit.
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  • It also gives the board directives to the connected institutions.
  • Importantly, it administers the SSC and HSSC examinations on a board basis.
  • It also works for the advancement of the Board in all of Pakistan’s provinces.

Working of BISE Swat’s staff

The working pattern of the team of BISE Swat is as:

  • To begin with, the Chairman is the highest rank among all work officers who are directly accountable to the KPK government.
  • In addition, the secretary assists the Chairman in making board decisions.
  • Furthermore, directors are in charge of each branch of the test halls.
  • The Examination Controller is in charge of the exam’s criteria.
  • In addition, one of the school’s headmasters.
  • There’s also a college principal.
  • The Audit Officer is in charge of the board’s debit and credit.
  • People who need information from the board can go directly to the administrative office.
  • Finally, all of the staff members are working in unison to advance Pakistani education to new heights.

Duties of BISE Swat

The duties of BISE Swat are the following:

  • It is also responsible for all of the board’s examinations.
  • It also supports supplementary education disciplines in the districts, such as languages or Islamic studies.
  • It is expressly tasked with taking steps that will benefit the board.
  • It particularly approves the connection of institutions under the regions.
  • It primarily accepts all forms from the province’s various industries.
  • It’s also in charge of keeping the board’s system running smoothly.
  • Most notably, it guides students’ enrollments and examination centres.
  • It teaches the board’s employees how to work efficiently and effectively.
  • Furthermore, it disseminates the results following the announcement of the student numbers.
  • In addition, it distributes rewards to worthy students.
  • Furthermore, it offers various scholarships to assist those who cannot pay it.
  • It is noteworthy that it is in charge of the candidates’ fees and admission fees.
  • Finally, it organises the board’s funding and costs for co-curricular activities.

The criteria of BISE Swat for extra activities

BISE Swat’s prerequisites for supplementary activities are as follows:

  • It inspects the department’s system in general.
  • It also makes adjustments in preparation for the reexamination.
  • The answer sheets can also be rechecked.
  • It also provides candidates with the option of receiving a money refund.
  • It also conducts internal examinations.
  • It permits students to switch between academic groupings.
  • It is also significant since it establishes a criterion for student admittance.
  • Finally, it chooses a top-notch team to help the board function more effectively.

The managing Body of BISE Swat

The managing body of BISE Swat is as:

  • Directors
  • Assistants
  • Affiliation department
  • The Chairman
  • Sports office
  • Librarians
  • Computer Branch
  • Secretary
  • Examination Controller
  • Audit Officer
  • Administration office
  • Principals of the colleges
  • Headmasters of the schools


BISE Swat, in my opinion, is one of Pakistan’s organised sectors. It is also working accurately and intensely now that it is independent. Furthermore, the active workforce makes it easier and more secure to carry out the board’s tasks.

Indeed, the affiliation authority makes it a separate KPK Board department. As a result, the number of examinations is increasing every year. Finally, it is a boosting educational system in Pakistan due to the right standards and supplementary supplies.


Q. When was BISE Swat Established?

BISE Swat got its establishment in 1992.

Q. Where is BISE Swat Located?

The building of BISE Swat is present in Kokrai on Marghazar Salampur Rd, Swat.

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