COMSATS Faces Severe Backlash for Charging Huge Amounts for Issuing Degrees

COMSATS Faces Severe Backlash for Charging Huge Amounts for Issuing Degrees

Students at COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) have taken to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the university’s high fees for numerous services. The institution is being chastised for not holding a convocation and raising the degree issuance price to Rs. 11,000 instead.

Several students have raised the issue of the university charging a costly fee for various services, which is two to three times greater than private universities.

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A student accused CUI of robbing people in one of the complaints, claiming, “COMSATS is demanding Rs. 11,000 for the degree.” Despite the fact that no convocation has been held in the last two years, this amount is being charged for a degree.”


He revealed that, despite being required to do so, the university did not reimburse the security charge.

Another student commented on the page, claiming that his degree cost him Rs. 19,000. “The black market is at an all-time high,” the student continued.

It’s worth noting that students have previously challenged the COMSATS Islamabad on similar grounds.

A student had chastised the university administration for not performing a convocation ceremony and not refund the security deposit on December 31, 2021.


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“The shambolic practise of COMSATS University Islamabad not holding convocation ceremonies and not returning the security charge (which is always refundable in all institutions) but still presenting themselves as one of the top-ranking universities,” one person tweeted.

Another student had complained about the exorbitant tuition, inadequate facilities, and “lack of freedom of expression.”

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