Education Minister Orders HEC to Improve Quality of Higher Education in Pakistan

Education Minister Orders HEC to Improve Quality of Higher Education in Pakistan Education Minister Orders HEC to Improve Quality of Higher Education in Pakistan

Rana Tanveer Hussain, the Minister of Federal Education and Professional Training has encouraged the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to work harder to raise the standard of higher education. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of expanding higher education access without sacrificing the standard of instruction.

The Minister received a thorough briefing on the duties and responsibilities of HEC as well as the difficulties the higher education industry is now facing on Thursday at a meeting at the HEC Secretariat. Each and every HEC divisional head was present at the conference.

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The Minister praised HEC for its numerous attempts to advance higher education but emphasized that more work is needed to fully put the regulations governing quality improvement into effect.

There is no doubting the need for more access to higher education, but the standard of instruction and research should also continuously rise.


The minister also made a point of saying that institutions ought to be pushed to find their own funding sources. He emphasized the necessity of improving universities’ ability to produce resources and manage them effectively.

Teachers are essential to every educational system. HEC has a framework in place for increasing its capacity, but it needs to be improved even more, and planning needs to be done to incorporate training college instructors. Second, because the world is moving toward a system where the emphasis is placed on students’ talents, we also need to train our instructors and university administration to develop their curricula and methods of instruction in that manner.

Rana Tanveer Hussain instructed HEC officials to revive the national university ranking system, stating that it is a crucial element in motivating universities to increase their performance.

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Although the fact that some of our colleges are among the best in the world is encouraging, the number is still too low. I think that raising our universities’ performance will be facilitated by their national standing.

In her briefing, Dr. Shaista Sohail provided an outline of all the key responsibilities of HEC, including quality control, accreditation of colleges and degree programs, funding mechanisms, the development of smart universities, and other HEC services including degree attestation and equivalence.

The HEC Acting Chairperson also discussed the difficulties HEC has had implementing its programs and expressed confidence that, with the assistance of the government, the plans for higher education will be carried out successfully.

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