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The Beta Version of Garena Free Fire Advanced Server

An Android APK called Free Fire Advance Server enables users to test out features and components prior to their official release.

You can experiment with different maps, apply new skins, and discover new characters once you have access to this mod. However, gamers should anticipate encountering glitches and errors given that the game is still under beta testing. Diamonds for usage later in the game can be obtained by reporting these problems to the creators.

The Free Fire Advance Server APK download is invitation-only, so users who want to try it should be aware of that.

To put it another way, after you download the app, developers choose users and send them an invitation code that enables the beta version. Although there isn’t much competition for the beta version of the software, Garena Free Fire

What is Garena Free Fire?

A multiplayer battle royale game called Garena Free Fire, or GFF, pits players against up to 40 other players. One of the earliest mobile battle royale games, it was made by 111dots Studio and has a sizable following all around the world.

The characters are cartoonish, and the level of difficulty isn’t that high. As a result, even game beginners can enjoy themselves and progress through the stages quickly.

The player gets parachuted onto an island at the beginning of the game. After arriving here, you must fend off adversaries and shield yourself from radiation.

You can cooperate with other players to win while avoiding death. Users shouldn’t anticipate many obstacles because the game’s difficulty setting isn’t very high. Garena Free Fire, however, is highly well-liked and was the winner of the 2019 award for the most well-liked game.

What is the Advanced Server in Free Fire?

The beta version of Advanced Server for Garena Free Fire allows interested players to test out new features before they are made available to everyone. As soon as updates are sent, all of the material you see in Advanced Server is also included in the main game. To swiftly find bugs and other issues and fix them, the developers provide new features in advance.

But only Android-based devices can download the Free Fire Advanced Server APK. Users who have access to the activation code can test out new features and contact the developers with any problems. They can gain free diamonds by doing this, which they may use on the main server. Advanced Server’s APK download is only 700 MB and doesn’t require you to remove the original Garena Free Fire game in order to function.

How do I get Free Fire Advanced Server?

Once the Free Fire Advanced Server download is complete, the website for Garena is shown. Here, you must use your Facebook account to sign in to the website. After successfully logging in, you’ll have access to the download link.

The most recent version of the advanced server will request an activation code from you after you’ve finished the installation.

Anyone can successfully download the Free Fire Advanced Server APK, but only a select few players are given the code. Developers analyze all applications after the registration procedure is finished and then pick a few players to test the game throughout development and testing. There isn’t any other way to gain access to the Garena Free Fire beta.

Free Fire Advance Server Download

Users can download the well-known battle royale game Garena Free Fire to their Android handset. Garena, one of the first survival games in this genre, is well-liked and has a sizable fan base. The game’s creators designed Free Fire Advanced Server APK to provide gamers everywhere with an excellent experience following each update.

Users can test the game with this file, which contains new content, features, characters, and maps before it is publicly released. Users can anticipate the game to have a number of problems and glitches given that it is still under beta testing.


The developers receive reward points in the form of diamonds for reporting these problems, though. All they have to do is complete a form and adhere to a few easy steps. Unfortunately, Advanced Server access is only available via invitation, which is bad news for Garena Free Fire lovers. After players finish the registration process, the developers issue them an invitation.

You have a decent possibility of getting access to the Advanced Server without too much trouble because releases take place every two months.

What can Users Expect from Free Fire Advanced Server?

Fans of Garena Free Fire should be aware that there aren’t many differences between the original game and the one released on Advanced Server.

Users can anticipate a less stable match with a few minor errors and issues because the latter is solely intended for testing. They should also anticipate new maps, skins, and characters.

Every two months, the Advanced Server APK is released, frequently just one week before the game’s scheduled launch.

The development team largely relies on the feedback provided by players to iron out any problems they encounter. As a result, only a few players have the opportunity to try out new features.

Everything else must wait till the actual launch. Unreported bugs frequently aren’t repaired until the service is shut down for new inputs. After the game is made available, the Advanced Server APK is shut off until the following update.

How do Gamers use the Advance Server?

You have access to new features, in-game components, new characters, additional maps, and skins if you’re one of the fortunate few gamers who get to begin playing before the most recent version of Garena Free Fire is available. But there’s a problem. Players must report any flaws or glitches they encounter once they begin playing.

Reporting problems earns you incentives in the form of in-game diamonds, though you can easily avoid this. These diamonds can be used in the original game to purchase goods or add lives. Bug reports are easy to submit.

To report a bug, logged-in users merely need to scroll down the Garena website and click the symbol. By doing this, a form that they can complete with information on all the problems they encounter and feedback will be made available.

About FF Advance Server

In Free Fire Advance, a battle royale game, up to 50 players engage in thrilling, large-scale combat where only one will prevail. More specifically, this advanced version allows you to preview certain upcoming additions to the basic game.

You can find all of the brand-new skins, all of the weapons that are being tested, and many other minor adjustments in this version of the game that will be gradually integrated into the finished product.

It’s vital to keep in mind that you’ll need to obtain an activation code in order to play Free Fire Advance. Visit the official website (found via the associated link) and register there using your actual email address and phone number to receive this code.

Just wait to get the code after finishing this step. The activation code is personal to you and cannot be shared with anyone. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that the Advance server has restricted access, so you could not get the code for a few days.

With a tonne of brand-new features that are guaranteed to surprise even the most seasoned players, Free Fire Advance allows you to take advantage of the same battle royale experience you’re used to. However, your progress made on the Advance server won’t carry over to the Free Fire ordinary edition. Your account on the Advance server, in other words, is completely separate from your account on the ordinary server.

The gaming experience in Free Fire Advance is still very much like what fans of the series are used to, despite all the new features you’ll see.

You can play both single and team games, as normal. You’ll also get to try out some of the unique game types that were ultimately included in the finished edition of Free Fire.


  • Allows users to test new features
  • Offers new maps and skins 
  • The chance to win in-game currency.


  • Activation based on invitation

Technical Information

TitleFree Fire Advanced Server 66.29.1 for Android
RequirementsAndroid 8.0, Android 5.0, Android 4.4, Android 9.0, Android 6.0
Official Website

Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code

A player needs Free Fire Advance Server in order to download Free Fire Advance Server OB37 APK, as it cannot be downloaded without it. In order to obtain a registration/activation code, a person must go to and complete the registration process.

You can download the Advance Server APK files and play the game to detect bugs and collect diamonds with the Free Fire Advance Server Registration Code that we have supplied below.

  • JS8EYE6WGBEIEI (Active)
  • W57G375hSYNTH (Expired)
  • HSUWYEV7SIEJS (Expired)

Free Fire Advance FAQs

How do I download Free Fire Advance on Android?

Simply search for the APK file in the Uptodown catalog to download Free Fire Advance for Android. As long as you’ve permitted the installation of external applications on your Android smartphone, you can complete the installation after downloading the APK.

How do I install the advanced Free Fire Advance server?

You must first request access from the official Free Fire Advance website in order to install the advanced Free Fire Advance server. As soon as you have the server’s access code, you can start playing without any issues. Anybody can install the game.

Do I need an invitation code to play Free Fire Advance?

Yes. To play Free Fire Advance for free, you require an invitation code. You can download and set it up without it. But you won’t be able to connect to the server and play without it.

What is the difference between Free Fire Advance and Free Fire?

Free Fire Advance offers an advanced server with experimental weaponry and features. These are not present in the finished product of Free Fire or Free Fire Max, in contrast to Free Fire.

When does the advanced Free Fire Advance server open?

In July 2022, the sophisticated Free Fire Advance server launches. You must register on the official website before you may request access to the server. You’ll get a code after requesting access, which you can use to play the game.

How can I get an activation code?

You must submit a special request on their official website in order to receive an activation code for Free Fire Advance. It is not advised to believe any other website that makes coding claims.

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