Futures of Thousands of Pakistani Students in China at Stake

Futures of Thousands of Pakistani Students in China at Stake

The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) has raised grave worry about Pakistani students’ inability to continue their study in China.

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More than 6,000 pupils’ educational futures are at stake. Thousands of students’ academic years will be squandered if they do not travel to China.

Nadeem Rauf, President of the RCCI, announced this during a meeting of the Pak-China Overseas Community Standing Committee on Thursday at the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce. Talat Awan, Vice President of RCCI, as well as executive members, committee members, and a huge number of students and businessmen, attended the event.

The meeting discussed issues currently confronting Pakistani students, particularly those returning to China, such as quarantine stay, exorbitant airfare and accommodation prices, scholarship expiration, suspension of direct flights, travel documents, antibody tests such as IgG and IgM, and other COVID-related tests.


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President Nadeem Rauf stated that the chamber would discuss the subject with the Chinese embassy and government officials.

He informed the committee members and students in attendance that the students’ demands would be relayed to higher authorities so that the students’ academic year would not be squandered.

Shaukat Ali Safi, the Committee’s Chairman, stated that both students and businessmen are experiencing difficulties. Ticket and lodging prices in Chinese cities have skyrocketed. The students informed the meeting on this occasion that IgG and IgM testing are highly expensive.


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The pupils further stated that the HEC and PMDC in Pakistan do not accept online education certification/courses from China. Many students’ scholarships are nearing the end of their terms.

Part-time work should be encouraged because many courses are based on seasons, such as spring courses, and if you can’t go to China in January, the entire year will be squandered, they noted.

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