HEC Chairman statement about the failure of the Education system in Pakistan goes viral


The Chairman of the HEC’s most recent statement, in which he stated, “Our educational system cannot generate decent pupils or good citizens,” has gone viral.

In Karachi Literature Festival 2022, HEC Chairman Dr. Tariq Banuri expressed his views on Pakistan’s educational system. He claimed that the country was paying the price for mistakes made in its educational system.

Pakistani institutions should be given autonomy and scholastic chances to help students develop into productive members of society. On the second day of the Karachi Literature Festival 2022, delegates of a meeting that reviewed higher education in Pakistan came to this accord.


Speakers at the meeting ‘Advanced education: Creating Good Citizens, not Only Good Students,’ moderated by Fauzia Shamim, agreed that good citizens, not just good students, are needed.

Our education system can produce neither good students nor good citizens

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