Matric and intermediate exams may not be carried out by Sindh Boards

Sindh Boards Might Not be Able to Conduct Matric and Intermediate Exams

A letter from the Presidents of the Sindh Education Board says that it is difficult to carry out matric and intermediate exams due to a lack of funding this year.

The President of Sukkur has lamented that “examinations are carried out by plea” if the provincial government does not issue this subsidy.

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The President of the Hyderabad Committee stated that the teachers are supporting the work due to non-payment.

The government had to give Sindh more than 3 billion rs. in accordance with the letter to the boards which was not granted and consequently the wages of employees were delayed.


The Board of Directors several times claims that the Government has been reached, but its complaints have still not been resolved.

This year, it is a difficult task to conduct exams unless the grant is awarded immediately.

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