Pakistani Students this Year will be on Holiday for just One Month.

Pakistani Students this Year will be on Holiday for just One Month.
Pakistani Students this Year will be on Holiday for just One Month.

ISLAMABAD – According to the education calendar declared by the Federal Government on Saturday, Pakistani students will have just a month of a summer holiday this year from 2 July to 31 July 2021.

  • May 18-31: Centralised (district boards) examinations for grade 5 and 8
  • June 1 to 15: In-house examinations for grades 1-7 (except grade 5)
  • June 30: Results for centralized exams
  • July 1: Results for in-house exams
  • August 2: New academic year begins

However, the re-opening of the school was short as the second wave of the Covid 19 came out again on 26 November.

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In 2020, all lessons were taken online and the winter holidays were a brief affair between 25 and 10 December.

On 18 January, schools and colleges were reopened by the Government from grade 9 and beyond.

From late January private schools reopened, and from 1 February public schools will be reopened.

The APPSF rejected the start date of the new session on August 1. All Pakistan Private Schools Kashif Mirza, President of APPSF, said that in April, private schools would begin their new meetings. He said, “There have been education losses to over 5 million students throughout the country due to the coronavirus lockdown.”


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Education institutions have been closed up in Pakistan since Covid-19 cases started to grow at the end of February last year. On 15 September they were resumed in phases with the reopening of 9th and 6th classrooms to colleges, on 23 September, on 6th, and on 30th September they were opened in middle schools.

The timetable for this year’s classes is, according to a notice from the Federal Directorate of Education:

He added that the government’s uniform strategy for national enforcement has not yet hit the market.

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