Prize Bond List 15000: Check All Draw Result 2021

Rs. 15000 Prize Bond Lists

Complete List of Prize Bond Rs. 15000

A lottery is a form of prize bond. The prize bonds are governed by the Ministry of Finance. Prize bonds are issued on behalf of the Pakistani government. Returning bonds yields no benefit. Bonds are published in a set order. A prize bond contains nearly one million numbers. The lucky draw is used to determine the outcome each time. Nearly 36 times a year, lucky draws are held in Pakistan’s major cities.

The prize bond can be purchased at any National Savings Centre or the State Bank of Pakistan. Prize bonds are not available for purchase on the internet. An individual fills out and submits a form to buy a prize bond. The form must be signed by the applicant.

Check Complete 15000 Prize Bond List

The National Savings of Pakistan, which is part of the Pakistani government, initiated the prize bond scheme in 1960. The aim of the scheme was to make money from the public at lower rates in a limited period of time. In 2017, the Central Directorate of Pakistan partnered with the State Bank of Pakistan to launch the Premium Prize Bond, a new prize bond scheme.

Benefits of prize bond

Few benefits of prize bond are given below:

The prize bonds are simple to obtain. The prize bond can be applied for by anyone. There are no special conditions for Prize Bonds. The procedure for obtaining a prize bond is straightforward and easy to comprehend.
Prize bonds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The cheapest prize bond is Rs 100. A individual can purchase the prize bond based on their ability. One of the reasons for prize bonds’ success is their low cost.
The prize bond sum is guaranteed. If an individual does not win, he can get his money back without incurring any losses.


Prize bonds are more dependable than any other form of investment. A individual can easily withdraw the sum whenever he needs it. Withdrawing money is not a time-consuming procedure.
The outcome of prize bonds is determined by a person’s luck. If an individual wins, he receives a large sum of money in comparison to his initial investment. The likelihood of winning a prize bond is proportional to the amount invested.
There is a possibility of selling the bond. If an individual wants to sell a bond for some reason, he can do so easily. Bonds may be sold to a company, a person, or a bank.

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Prize Bond Working

The National Savings of Pakistan’s committee organises the lucky draws. The winners are chosen by a hand-operated draw system. The lucky draw ceremony is open to the public. In front of the public and committee members, a special child controls the lucky draw system.

The prize bond is valid for the duration of the scheme. The prize bond is no longer true when the scheme ends. A individual has six years after winning the bonds in the Lucky draw to claim the bond reward. The prize bond money is subject to a text deduction. The non-filer winner receives a 25% bonus, while the filer winner receives a 15% bonus.

Prize Bond Lucky Draw

The Prize Bond List 15000 is drawn four times a year. It draws at the beginning or middle of the month, much like the other bond denominations. The lucky draw ceremony is held in all of Pakistan’s major cities. The following are the lucky draw months for the Rs. 15000 prize bond:

  • January
  • April
  • July
  • October

The lucky draw for the prize bond of Rs. 15000 are held at the start of the month.

Prizes for the Prize Bond of Rs. 15000

1st Prize30,000,000 PKR (1 Prize)
2nd Prize10,000,000 PKR (3 Prizes)
3rd Prize185,000 PKR (1696 Prizes)

Prize Bond Checking Process

The prize bond can be checked through the web or an Android application. The steps for testing the site are as follows. Visit the National Savings Centre’s website. Add the prize bond range to the value of the prize bond. Enter the prize bond withdrawal number after the bond range and quest. The outcome of your prize bond will be shown on the screen.

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In Pakistan, prize bonds are one of the most common ways to invest capital. They are becoming increasingly successful as a result of their dependability. Prize bonds are risk-free savings. They are the best investment option because they offer you six years to claim your money. People invest in them because of the many benefits they have. Since they spend a large sum of money, big investors have a good chance of winning prize bonds.

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