Prize Bond List Rs. 7500: Draw#86, Rs. 7,500 Prize Bond Result held in Rawalpindi on 03 May 2021

Rs. 7500 Prize Bond Result List
Rs. 7500 Prize Bond Result List

Draw no. 86, Prize Bond Rs. 7500 Result Full List May 03, 2021

The prize bond list Rs. 7500 complete schedule and draw results. The public should be aware of up-to-date details concerning national savings bonds 7500. You may also search for prize bond numbers 7500 below. You can also find the old draw results by choosing drawing number numbers of the 7500 prize bond list, which is also available online.

Refer to All Savings of Pakistan’s Rs. 7500 Prize Bond list Result of past drawing by on this one page. Check online for the results of the last 7500 reward bond draw prize. The page is planned primarily to share all the results for winning bondholders in the 7500 Prize Bond drawing list. The 7500 Prize Bond is one of the middle price categories in which most of the Pakistani nation likes to earn very attractive prizes. The 7500 prize bond all came with 25,000 prize bonds, but the place for drawing is different.


Rs. 7500 Bonds Prizes

1st Prize15,000,000 PKR (1 Prize)
2nd Prize5,000,000 PKR (3 Prizes)
3rd Prize93,000 PKR (1696 Prizes)

The 7500 prize bond scheme is similar to that of other bonds with the same number of winners except for each time they vary in the sum of the winner. In any draw, you can easily get these in a way that you only purchase a certain old 7500 prize bond

. In a single year, the Rs.7500 prize bonds have four draws, and with each draw, the city held is different.

Just as cash, any price bond including the 7500 prize bond is the carrier of the undertaking. That means that the owner is the owner. The finance ministry inspires residents to participate and win big prizes.

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