Punjab Govt. Launches Online Portal for Retirement of their Teachers

Punjab Launches Online Portal for Retirement of their Teachers
Punjab Launches Online Portal for Retirement of their Teachers

Today, Punjab School Education Department (SED) has unveiled an online retirement platform for teachers for the first time in the national history. The government welcomed the online platform as the revolutionary step towards helping retired SED workers, aimed at removing the need for employees to participate in misconduct and recommendations to improve transparency.

Punjab Minister of Education Murad Raas has taken Twitter to announce that the Teacher Retirement Platform is officially launched.


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“Today, Punjab first set up the online teachers’ retirement portal for the School Education Division.”

The system will lead to reducing the need for bribery and safarishing and include an entirely simple system to encourage nullified retired teachers.

“Another bribery, a full open structure and no safarish from anyone else. Your computer notification. We are costing – nil,” said the minister.

An opening ceremony was organized to discuss various issues relating to the state of education in Punjab, the most pressing being closure of schools due to the COVID-19.

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He said private schools can now be registered online with the provincial government. Currently, already 31,000 private institutions have


“I want schools to be opened,” he said. “But in the present circumstances, however, we may have to prolong the closing of schools.”

He also claimed that the Private Schools Act is to be approved by the cabinet. According to him, within three months the legislation should obtain the green light from the government.

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