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Free Paraphrasing Tool

Whether you are creating a new essay or an assignment you would need an online paraphrasing tool especially if you don’t have paraphrasing skills or experience. Paraphrasing is no doubt a very important skill that a writer should have but you must know that it is not as easy as it looks like.

You would require a lot of practice and time to master the basics of paraphrasing. If you don’t want to waste your precious time learning paraphrasing then you can surely rely on online paraphrasing tools.

There are tons of online paraphrasing tools on the internet and in this article, we have listed out the most professional ones that are best for writers as well as students!

6 Best Online Paraphrasing Tools (free and paid)

Out of hundreds of paraphrasing tools on the web, there are only a handful of tools that can help you create not only unique but also readable textual content. Below are some of the perfect options:


Rewrite Guru as the name tells us is the pro in rewriting content and considered to be one of the best paraphrasing tools and this is because it is free and very easy to use. If you have this article spinner tool in your pocket then you would definitely not need to pay any content writer or fellow student for preparing your assignment. You just have to open the rewriter tool and register an account with it. After registrations and signups, all you need to do is enter the reference content in the upload box and hit the spin button. The article spinner would hardly take less than a few minutes to rewrite the perfect content for you. Rewrite Guru offers three different spin options and it is up to you to choose the one which suits your interest the most! Creating fresh content is very easy with a rewrite guru.


Quill Bot

Quill Bot is another popular choice when it comes to creating essays/assignments for students. You must know that Quill Bot is a very comprehensive collaboration tool that is powered by AI. The tool can easily paraphrase and refine your assignments in the highest quality. The site contains both the online paraphrasing tool and the summarizing one. The majority of people use paraphrase as it helps them rewrite and enhance passages, short sentences, and even complete articles. There are more than eight different paraphrasing versions offered by the tool and it is up to the user to select the version which is most suitable.

Paraphrasing tool by SmallSEOTools

The paraphrasing tool by SmallSeoTools is an online utility that helps you in rewriting all sorts of content. If you want to rewrite a source in order to remove plagiarism from it then you should simply try out this utility. The paraphrasing tool by SST is an absolutely free tool that can be used by all sorts of users and on all operating systems. You just have to open smallseotools and navigate the tool from its interface. In the tool, you would find multiple uploading options using which you have to enter the content that needs to be paraphrased. The tool would hardly take a minute to rewrite your input essay.

Spinner chief

Spinner Chief is another online paraphrasing utility that is considered to be best for writing purposes. If you want to create an essay or an assignment in a manner that is 100% unique and readable by humans then you should surely get along with this online paraphrasing tool. The spinner chief uses artificial intelligence, natural language analysis, and advanced algorithms to understand your input content and make a new output based on it. The way spinner chief rewrites content is so close to the human quality that a layperson cannot differentiate it from any other originally written content.


Paraphrasing Tool by

SearchEngineReports is a well-known website. The website offers dozens of free tools and the paraphrasing tool is one of the popular ones. This utility is absolutely free to use and has a very simple interface. You just need to open it on your browser and enter the text that you want to spin or rewrite. As soon as you enter text in the tool it would start analysis and would spin it before you know it. The spun/rephrased content by this tool is very much original and you can easily check it for plagiarism and other grammatical mistakes!

Paraphrasing Tool by Duplichecker

Duplichecker is a complete package website that offers its very own plagiarism checker, paraphrasing tool, grammar checker, word counter, spell checker, and many other free tools. The site has a simple and straightforward interface and so even an inexperienced can learn how to utilize it. The paraphrasing tool by Duplichecker is known to be best for students who want to rewrite their essays and assignments without getting caught in plagiarism.

By using either of these online paraphrasing tools you can easily help yourself in saving a lot of time and effort consumed in manual rewriting and plagiarism removal of content. For more details, you should try out these tools for sure!

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