Telenor Pakistan Extends VoLTE Technology to Samsung Phones

Telenor Pakistan Extends VoLTE Technology to Samsung Phones

We’ve learned the actual value of a phone call over the previous few years, especially during periods of isolation and lockdown like the COVID-19 pandemic.

In difficult circumstances, the simple act of calling loved ones when we miss them became a treasure that we all learned to fully appreciate. As a result, it’s critical that the technology that transmits our voices to our contacts is faultless.

Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) is the ideal answer for the present network’s voice quality issues, as well as many other issues.

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VoLTE is a relatively new technology that was created to replace old phone systems. Traditional voice calling technology sends calls to a different channel, resulting in a significant reduction in internet speed while on the phone.

Instead of using traditional voice networks, VoLTE sends calls over an LTE network and transfers data over the internet for enhanced call quality. LTE uses a higher bandwidth to transport data, allowing it to accommodate both voice and video calls.


Telenor Pakistan was one of the early adopters of this technology, and the company has now expanded its VoLTE service to Samsung phone users.

Telenor Pakistan introduced the service last year for users of OPPO/Realme and Vivo phones, and it anticipates other manufacturers to release products that fulfill the technical standards.

VoLTE, unlike older, soon-to-be-outdated technology, allows users to browse the internet at full speed while on a high-definition phone call. The technology restricts internet browsing by reverting to 3G, which slows down the browsing experience.

When calls are connected using VoLTE technology, customers will notice an improvement in speech quality. The need for third-party video calling apps will soon be obsolete, as VoLTE allows for seamless video chats.

Telenor Pakistan is a forerunner in leading the VoLTE push, allowing and equipping the country to achieve even greater heights.

Telenor Pakistan has spent the last 16 years developing cutting-edge digital solutions while maintaining a commitment to its aim of providing the country with world-class connectivity.


Telenor Pakistan is now spreading its VoLTE services to the largest possible number of subscribers across the country by working with all major mobile phone manufacturers to implement the VoLTE technology.

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Technology continues to evolve and revolutionize the way we experience and connect with the world, one phone conversation at a time, with each passing day.

Users of OPPO/Realme, Vivo, and Samsung handsets can check to see if their devices support VoLTE and how to enable the service at the following link: OPPO – Telenor Pakistan explains how to enable VoLTE.

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