Thank You Coronavirus Helpers Google Doodle


After a really very thankful week, Google’s search engine giant honoured all coronavirus helpers, including physicians, nurses, supply personnel, farmers, teachers, researchers, healthcare workers and food workers, among others.

Join the campaign to thank all those who make sacrifications to help the fight against coronavirus in COVID-19 – food shops, truck drivers, first aid personnel, health professionals and more.
Mister Rogers, a popular TV figure, said, “When I was a kid and saw terrifying news stuff, my mother would tell me,’Look for the helpers. You will still find helping people.'”

Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

Coronavirus helpers get hearts & a creative doodle from Google

The helpers are everywhere in such hard times. They are primary employees, farmers, postal carriers, retail, pharmacy workers, factory workers, health workers, carriers of health care, civil servants and reporters – everyone working to keep us safe, secure, educated, and as close as possible to our ordinary lives.


Let us display our gratitude together and let our assistants know how much we appreciate their service and dedication.

Google has urgently called 815.3K, which identifies itself in its Twitter Bio as an Internet buffer and an eventual doodler.

These phrases have been based on the fact that the letter “G” (Google) sends the coronavirus helper’s hearts and gratitude to the letter “e” at the end.

The California based company thanked and honoured the corona guerrillas with a series of GIF doodles during the week.

Google also encouraging users to appreciate the work of leading employees with a dedicated GIF in their lives. “Search for ‘GoogleDoodles’ in Gboard (GIF Keyboard by Tenor) or the GIF search in your favourite social apps,” read the statement. ‘GIF Keyboard by Tenor’


“We’re launching a Doodle series to remember and celebrate all of the people in the front lines,” Google said on the website of Doodle. “COVID-19 continues to influence communities all over the world.

Google may not start this show for the first time. Previously, sports activities such as the Olympics, the World Cup, and festivals and holidays such as Christmas to the new year were included in the Doodles series.

The technology company began this week with a thank you to physicians, nurses and physicians and a collected animated doodle, which acknowledges that the aides make life simple.

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