Top 5 tools for download/convert videos

video download and convert

Video Converter & Downloader Tools

In this fast-paced era, video and audio have become important entertainment methods in people’s daily lives. However, due to the particularity of websites such as YouTube, many people do not know how to download videos easily. Therefore, we recommend 5 best tools for downloading/converting videos:

  1. Snaptube
  2. Vidmate APK
  3. Snappea
  4. ClipGrab
  5. UTorrent 


It can be used through software. It is a light-weight android tool as well as it is a third-party tool, it can help to save videos, audios, images and provide music. It is a free and useful tool as well. It has some great features:

video download and convert

Best for android 

It can provide much information

It if fully free app/tool.

Vidmate APK:

It is easy to use but difficult to find on GOOGLE PLAY STORE. Any of apk file can be download through vidmate apk easily. It can be downloaded in light and fastest speed. It can be trend videos of most popular tv shows as well as it has subscription too. Also it has some best features such as:

video download and convert
  • Multiple downloading
  • With the help of vidmate app we can download videos from any site
  • It can allow us to download any file, music, tv shows, videos, and so on.


As we all know YouTube is not an entertainment website anymore. Now it has become a separate industry as well. Millions of people depend on YouTube for living. YouTube has become a huge ocean of videos. We need to download videos for different purposes from YouTube. Snappea is a marvelous tool for downloading videos from YouTube. It has some outstanding features are as follows:

  • It can be searched on YouTube.
  • It can be used for music format.
  • We can download ultra HD videos/resolutions.


It is free and useful software for downloading. It is especially best for windows/pc. We can download it on any site such as YouTube, clipfish, dailymotions and etc. it is also use for converting videos. As well as source file is available on this site. It is and friendly and feasible. It has some great features such as:

  • Can be download through YouTube.
  • It allows simultaneously.
  • Have extra ordinary resolution.
  • Have great quality videos.


UTorrent is a most popular application for downloading especially in windows or android. It can download anything we want in many pieces. It is like web-based application or software we use for any kind of special downloading. As well as we don’t have to worry about payment information and anything else in it. Its downloading speed is a bit larger than the other. And it has also extra ordinary features; some of them are as follows:

  • It has a search feature widely.
  • It can allow download any of the new files or a show.
  • We can schedule downloading during your, work, sleeping time, or any time we will busy.
  • It is anti-virus software.


We have concluded all the basic downloading tools in this article which are useful for downloading any file, video, audio, HD images and so on easily. Above mention tools are very helpful and useful. We have defined them briefly with the help of features. These tools are good for the student, professionals, or internet, and any working men or women. The above mentions tools are summarized properly according to the information. Reviewed by the experts.

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